Fei Luo

According to our database1, Fei Luo authored at least 86 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Optimization of lightweight task offloading strategy for mobile edge computing based on deep reinforcement learning.
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Performance-to-Power Ratio Aware Resource Consolidation Framework Based on Reinforcement Learning in Cloud Data Centers.
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Joint bilateral propagation upsampling for unstructured multi-view stereo.
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Physarum-energy optimization algorithm.
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基于最小松弛量的启发式一维装箱算法 (Heuristic One-dimensional Bin Packing Algorithm Based on Minimum Slack).
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强化学习下能耗优化的虚拟机放置策略 (Virtual Machine Placement Strategy with Energy Consumption Optimization under Reinforcement Learning).
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基于败者组与混合编码策略的NSGA-II改进算法 (Improved NSGA-II Algorithm Based on Loser Group and Hybrid Coding Strategy).
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Vibration suppression and output constraint of a variable length drilling riser system.
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Independent component analysis with reference multifeature integration for visual object tracking via adaptive update.
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Illumination animating and editing in a single picture using scene structure estimation.
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Kitchen Activity Detection for Healthcare using a Low-Power Radar-Enabled Sensor Network.
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RedNet: Residual Encoder-Decoder Network for indoor RGB-D Semantic Segmentation.
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The Bi-Direction Similarity Integration Method for Predicting Microbe-Disease Associations.
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Cooperative Look-Ahead Control of Vehicle Platoon for Maximizing Fuel Efficiency Under System Constraints.
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DSP Accelerated Interpolation Using Zero-Padding FFT Algorithm for High Speed Numerical Control of Robots.
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A Set-Associated Bin Packing Algorithm with Multiple Objectives in the Cloud.
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基于动态规划的虚拟机放置策略 (Virtual Machine Placement Strategy Based on Dynamic Programming).
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A ROM Driving Circuit for RFID Tags Based on a-IGZO TFTs.
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Predicting potential drug-drug interactions by integrating chemical, biological, phenotypic and network data.
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Synchronizing Parallel Geometric Algorithms on Multi-core Machines.
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中文指代消解模型的对比研究 (Comparison of Chinese Anaphora Resolution Models).
计算机科学, 2016

Multi-fields model for predicting target-ligand interaction.
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Adaptive neural control of the dissolved oxygen concentration in WWTPs based on disturbance observer.
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A phase synchronization control scheme for LCL-T type high-frequency current source in parallel connection.
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Pseudo-CMOS with Re-Pull-Down Transistor: A Low Power Inverter Design for Thin-Film Transistors.
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A genetic algorithm-based weighted ensemble method for predicting transposon-derived piRNAs.
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Multi-Objective Biogeography-Based Method to Optimize Virtual Machine Consolidation.
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Trigger Circuit of Hardware Trojan Based on Up/Down Counter.
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Simulation to ARM Processors Based on the Instruction's Eigenvalue.
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A novel two-stage method for identifying microRNA-gene regulatory modules in breast cancer.
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On the Expansion of Access Bandwidth of Manufacturing Cloud Core Network.
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Design and realization of general matrix keyboard based on STM32.
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Dissolved oxygen control of the activated sludge wastewater treatment process using Hedge Algebraic control.
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Scheduling in an unstructured peer-to-peer-based high performance computing system.
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Soft-Start Circuit Based on Switched-Capacitor for DC-DC Switching Regulator.
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