Filippo Zappasodi

According to our database1, Filippo Zappasodi authored at least 30 papers between 2004 and 2024.

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An Analytical Approach for Naturalistic Cooperative and Competitive EEG-Hyperscanning Data: A Proof-of-Concept Study.
Sensors, May, 2024

Neonatal cortical activity organizes into transient network states that are affected by vigilance states and brain injury.
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A Class-Imbalance Aware and Explainable Spatio-Temporal Graph Attention Network for Neonatal Seizure Detection.
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A graph convolutional neural network for the automated detection of seizures in the neonatal EEG.
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Automated Detection and Removal of Cardiac and Pulse Interferences from Neonatal EEG Signals.
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Fiberless, Multi-Channel fNIRS-EEG System Based on Silicon Photomultipliers: Towards Sensitive and Ecological Mapping of Brain Activity and Neurovascular Coupling.
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Individual Alpha Frequency Predicts Perceived Visuotactile Simultaneity.
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Electroencephalography-Derived Prognosis of Functional Recovery in Acute Stroke Through Machine Learning Approaches.
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Working Memory Decline in Alzheimer's Disease Is Detected by Complexity Analysis of Multimodal EEG-fNIRS.
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Magnetic stimulation selectively affects pre-stimulus EEG microstates.
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Flexible CW-fNIRS system based on Silicon Photomultipliers: In-vivo characterization of sensorimotor response.
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Third order spectral analysis robust to mixing artifacts for mapping cross-frequency interactions in EEG/MEG.
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Can passive mobilization provide clinically-relevant brain stimulation? A pilot eeg and nirs study on healthy subjects.
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Estimating true brain connectivity from EEG/MEG data invariant to linear and static transformations in sensor space.
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Brain activity preceding a 2D manual catching task.
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