Florian König

According to our database1, Florian König authored at least 13 papers between 2006 and 2018.

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Overcoming Missing and Incomplete Modalities with Generative Adversarial Networks for Building Footprint Segmentation.
Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing, 2018

ScenarioTools - A tool suite for the scenario-based modeling and analysis of reactive systems.
Sci. Comput. Program., 2017

From scenario modeling to scenario programming for reactive systems with dynamic topology.
Proceedings of the 2017 11th Joint Meeting on Foundations of Software Engineering, 2017

Scenario-based Specification of Car-to-X systems.
Proceedings of the Gemeinsamer Tagungsband der Workshops der Tagung Software Engineering 2016 (SE 2016), 2016

Scenarios@run.time - Distributed Execution of Specifications on IoT-connected Robots.
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Models@run.time co-located with the 18th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS 2015), 2015

Adaptive Collaboration Scripting with IMS LD.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Adaptation and Personalization Techniques in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 2012

Closing the Circle: IMS LD Extensions for Advanced Adaptive Collaboration Support.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems, 2010

Collaboration Contexts, Services, Events and Actions: Four Steps Closer to Adaptive Collaboration Support in IMS LD.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems, 2010

Towards Improved Support for Adaptive Collaboration Scripting in IMS LD.
Proceedings of the Sustaining TEL: From Innovation to Learning and Practice, 2010

Finding <i>My</i> Needle in the Haystack: Effective Personalized Re-ranking of Search Results in Prospector.
Proceedings of the E-Commerce and Web Technologies, 10th International Conference, 2009

MirrorBoard - An Interactive Billboard.
Proceedings of the Mensch & Computer 2008: Viel Mehr Interaktion, 2008

Using Thematic Ontologies for User- and Group-Based Adaptive Personalization in Web Searching.
Proceedings of the Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval. Identifying, 2008

Prospector : An adaptive front-end to the Google search engine.
Proceedings of the LWA 2006: Lernen - Wissensentdeckung - Adaptivität, Hildesheim, Deutschland, October 9th-11th 2006, joint workshop event of several interest groups of the German Society for Informatics (GI) - 14th Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems (ABIS 2006) - Workshop Information Retrieval 2006 of the Special Interest Group Information Retrieval (FGIR 2006) - Workshop on Knowledge and Experience Management (FGWM 2006), 2006