Fotis Foukalas

According to our database1, Fotis Foukalas authored at least 55 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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An SINR-Aware Joint Mode Selection, Scheduling, and Resource Allocation Scheme for D2D Communications.
IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, 2019

Cooperative Resource Allocation and Scheduling for 5G eV2X Services.
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Energy Efficient Power Allocation for Carrier Aggregation in Heterogeneous Networks: Partial Feedback and Circuit Power Consumption.
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Wireless Communication Technologies for Safe Cooperative Cyber Physical Systems.
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Multi-RAT spectrum reallocation including carrier aggregation for 5G networks.
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Enhanced 5G V2X services using sidelink device-to-device communications.
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Resource Allocation for Licensed/Unlicensed Carrier Aggregation MIMO Systems.
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On the Achievable Rates of OFDM With Common Phase Error Compensation in Phase Noise Channels.
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A Filter-Bank Transceiver Architecture for Massive Non-Contiguous Carrier Aggregation.
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Spectrum overlay through aggregation of heterogeneous dispersed bands.
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Packet Relaying Control in Sensing-based Spectrum Sharing Systems
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A Study on Spectral Efficiency of Physical Layer over Cognitive Radio
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