Frank Y. Shih

According to our database1, Frank Y. Shih authored at least 129 papers between 1988 and 2019.

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An Efficient Saliency Detection Model Based on Wavelet Generalized Lifting.
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A High-Capacity Reversible Watermarking Scheme Based on Shape Decomposition for Medical Images.
IJPRAI, 2019

Discrimination of Computer Generated and Photographic Images Based on CQWT Quaternion Markov Features.
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Development of Deep Learning Framework for Mathematical Morphology.
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Automatic Image Pixel Clustering based on Mussels Wandering Optimiz.
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Deep Morphological Neural Networks.
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A Robust Image Watermarking System Based on Deep Neural Networks.
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An Efficient Image Stitching Method for Heterogeneous Car Videos Based on Bounding Boxes of Features.
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Automated Counting and Tracking of Vehicles.
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Achieving Image Watermarking Robustness by Geometric Rectification.
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Intelligent Watermarking for High-Capacity Low-Distortion Data Embedding.
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Motion-based vehicle detection in Hsuehshan Tunnel.
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Copy-Cover Image Forgery Detection in Parallel Processing.
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Retinal vessels segmentation based on level set and region growing.
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A Self-Directed Method for Image Segmentation using a modified Top-Down Region Dividing Approach.
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An efficient expanding block algorithm for image copy-move forgery detection.
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A Level-Set Method Based on Global and Local Regions for Image Segmentation.
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Detection of tampered region for JPEG images by using mode-based first digit features.
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Improved image inpainting using maximum value edge detector.
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A kernel-based parametric method for conditional density estimation.
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An Improved Feature Vocabulary Based Method for Image Categorization.
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A Special Section of Intelligent Automation and Soft computing - Soft Computing For Copyright Protection.
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An Efficient Block-Based Fragile Watermarking System for Tamper Localization and Recovery.
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A differential evolution based algorithm for breaking the visual steganalytic system.
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Automatic Detection of Magnetic Flux Emergings in the Solar Atmosphere From Full-Disk Magnetogram Sequences.
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A top-down region dividing approach for image segmentation.
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A distance-based separator representation for pattern classification.
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Approximate Image Quality Measure in Low-Dimensional Domain Based on Random Projection.
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Decision Combination of Multiple Classifiers.
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Performance Comparisons of Facial Expression Recognition in Jaffe Database.
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Extracting Faces and Facial Features from Color Images.
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Cross layer design for RFID/EPC network.
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ELB-Q: A New Method for Improving the Robustness in DNA Microarray Image Quantification.
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Automatic Detection of Prominence Eruption Using Consecutive Solar Images.
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Digital watermarking based on chaotic map and reference register.
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An improved incremental training algorithm for support vector machines using active query.
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An Intelligent Sensor Network for Object Detection, Classification and Recognition.
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Shape-based image retrieval using support vector machines, Fourier descriptors and self-organizing maps.
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A hierarchical refinement algorithm for fully automatic gridding in spotted DNA microarray image processing.
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Shape-Based Image Retrieval Using Two-Level Similarity Measures.
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Machine assessment of neonatal facial expressions of acute pain.
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Locating object contours in complex background using improved snakes.
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Special issue: mobile IP.
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Genetic algorithm based methodology for breaking the steganalytic systems.
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Recognizing facial action units using independent component analysis and support vector machine.
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A system for rotational velocity computation from image sequences.
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Thinning algorithms based on quadtree and octree representations.
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A modified regulated morphological corner detector.
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Support vector machine networks for multi-class classification.
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Color correction for color distorted images.
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The efficient algorithms for achieving Euclidean distance transformation.
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An adjusted-purpose digital watermarking technique.
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Three-dimensional Euclidean distance transformation and its application to shortest path planning.
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Adaptive mathematical morphology for edge linking.
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Automatic extraction of head and face boundaries and facial features.
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A Hybrid Two-Phase Algorithm For Face Recognition.
IJPRAI, 2004

Inter-Frame Interpolation By Snake Model And Greedy Algorithm.
IJPRAI, 2004

Efficient Contour Detection Based On Improved Snake Model.
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Forward And Backward Chain-Code Representation For Motion Planning Of Cars.
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Fast Euclidean distance transformation in two scans using a 3 × 3 neighborhood.
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Automatic Solar Flare Tracking.
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A novel fragile watermarking technique.
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Solar flare tracking using image processing techniques.
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Reply to "Comments on 'Analysis of the properties of soft morphological filtering using threshold decomposition' ".
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Exact and approximate algorithms for unordered tree matching.
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Fully parallel thinning with tolerance to boundary noise.
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An Automatic Text-Free Speaker Recognition System Based on an Enhanced Art 2 Neural Architecture.
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