Yao-Chung Chang

According to our database1, Yao-Chung Chang authored at least 51 papers between 2004 and 2022.

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The Efficient Mobile Management Based on Metaheuristic Algorithm for Internet of Vehicle.
Sensors, 2022

Fall Detection with the Spatial-Temporal Correlation Encoded by a Sequence-to-Sequence Denoised GAN.
Sensors, 2022

An efficient spectrum scheduling mechanism using Markov decision chain for 5G mobile network.
IET Commun., 2022

A High-Efficiency Mobility Load Balancing System Architecture for Hybrid Mobile Cell Network.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Smart Internet of Things, 2022

Two-stage Cascaded CNN Model for 3D Mitochondria EM Segmentation.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques, 2022

Low-Latency Computation Offloading based on 5G Edge Computing Systems.
Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, 2022

Data fusion analysis for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder emotion recognition with thermal image and Internet of Things devices.
Softw. Pract. Exp., 2021

Study on enhancing AIoT computational thinking skills by plot image-based VR.
Interact. Learn. Environ., 2021

Resource Allocation based on Genetic Algorithm for Cloud Computing.
Proceedings of the 30th Wireless and Optical Communications Conference, 2021

Campus Edge Computing Network Based on IoT Street Lighting Nodes.
IEEE Syst. J., 2020

Cryptanalysis of limited resource semi-quantum secret sharing.
Quantum Inf. Process., 2020

Lightweight Mediated Semi-Quantum Secret Sharing Protocol.
CoRR, 2020

The Efficient Data Classification using SVMcW for IoT Data Monitoring and Sensing.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics - Taiwan, 2019

Software-Defined Dynamic Bandwidth Management.
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, 2019

A Novel Latin-Square-Based Secret Sharing for M2M Communications.
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Correlation between use time of machine and decline curve for emerging enterprise information systems.
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An interactive smart grid communication approach for big data traffic.
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Bacteria-inspired communication mechanism based on software-defined network.
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Congestion Control Scheme Performance Analysis Based on Nonlinear RED.
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A Buffer-Aware QoS Streaming Approach for SDN-Enabled 5G Vehicular Networks.
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A Real-Time Bicycle Record System of Ground Conditions Based on Internet of Things.
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Metaheuristic Algorithm of Multi-passengers Routing Path for Ride-Sharing Vehicle.
Proceedings of the Internet of Vehicles. Technologies and Services for Smart Cities, 2017

Metaheuristic-Based Scheme for Spectrum Resource Schedule Over 5G IoT Network.
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Virtual Machine Placement Based on Metaheuristic for IoT Cloud.
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A Blind Signature-Based Approach for Cross-Domain Authentication in the Cloud Environment.
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A secure mobile DRM system based on cloud architecture.
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A Cloud Server Selection System - Recommendation, Modeling and Evaluation.
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Green Computing: An SLA-based Energy-aware Methodology for Data Centers.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Systems and Applications, 2014

Machine to Machine Service Capability Architecture for LTE Communication System.
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Dynamic software update model for remote entity management of machine-to-machine service capability.
IET Commun., 2013

Fuzzy integral Lyapunov function based fuzzy control for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems with passive constraints.
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Simplifying Data Migration from Relational Database Management System to Google App Engine Datastore.
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A Predictive Method for Workload Forecasting in the Cloud Environment.
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Embedded worldwide interoperability for microwave access-based vehicular router for telematics computing.
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A semantic service discovery approach for ubiquitous computing.
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Cross layer design for RFID/EPC network.
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Design and Implementation of an Embedded Linux-Based Mobile Router for Telematics Computing.
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Resource allocation in network processors for network intrusion prevention systems.
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An Intelligent Sensor Network for Object Detection, Classification and Recognition.
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Architecture design and performance evaluation of RFID object tracking systems.
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