Fred W. Glover

According to our database1, Fred W. Glover authored at least 265 papers between 1967 and 2020.

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Advanced Tabu Search Algorithms for Bipartite Boolean Quadratic Programs Guided by Strategic Oscillation and Path Relinking.
INFORMS J. Comput., 2020

A study of two evolutionary/tabu search approaches for the generalized max-mean dispersion problem.
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A Self-Organizing Extreme-Point Tabu-Search Algorithm for Fixed Charge Network Problems with Extensions.
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Bi-objective Optimization of Biclustering with Binary Data.
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A learning-based memetic algorithm for the multiple vehicle pickup and delivery problem with LIFO loading.
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Probabilistic Tabu Search for the Cross-Docking Assignment Problem.
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Quantum Bridge Analytics II: Combinatorial Chaining for Asset Exchange.
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Quantum Bridge Analytics I: a tutorial on formulating and using QUBO models.
4OR, 2019

A Two-Individual Based Evolutionary Algorithm for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem.
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A Tabu Search based clustering algorithm and its parallel implementation on Spark.
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Logical and Inequality Implications for Reducing the Size and Complexity of Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization Problems.
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Diversification Methods for Zero-One Optimization.
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GRASP with exterior path-relinking and restricted local search for the multidimensional two-way number partitioning problem.
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Adaptive pattern search for large-scale optimization.
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Doubly-rooted stem-and-cycle ejection chain algorithm for the asymmetric traveling salesman problem.
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Preface to the 2<sup>nd</sup> Special Issue on metaheuristics in network optimization.
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Networks, 2016

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Coupling optimization and statistical analysis with simulation models.
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Greedy randomized adaptive search procedure with exterior path relinking for differential dispersion minimization.
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Introduction to special xQx issue.
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Scatter Search and Path Relinking : A Tutorial on the Linear Arrangement Problem.
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Polynomial unconstrained binary optimisation - Part 1.
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New concepts, methodologies and algorithms for business education and research in the 21st century.
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Contributions of Professor William W. Cooper in Operations Research and Management Science.
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Búsqueda Tabú.
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