Marc Sevaux

According to our database1, Marc Sevaux authored at least 73 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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Focus distance-aware lifetime maximization of video camera-based wireless sensor networks.
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Integrated decision support system for rich vehicle routing problems.
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Planning a multi-sensors search for a moving target considering traveling costs.
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Reducing Space Search in Combinatorial Optimization Using Machine Learning Tools.
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A comment on "What makes a VRP solution good? The generation of problem-specific knowledge for heuristics".
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A History of Metaheuristics.
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Adaptive and Multilevel Metaheuristics.
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Introduction to the special issue on advances in vehicle routing and logistics optimization: heuristics.
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A History of Metaheuristics.
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D-LPCN: A distributed least polar-angle connected node algorithm for finding the boundary of a wireless sensor network.
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A Two-Level solution approach to solve the Clustered Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem.
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Line formation algorithm in a swarm of reactive robots constrained by underwater environment.
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Guest Editorial to the Feature Cluster "EURO/INFORMS 2013 Conference".
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Exact approaches for lifetime maximization in connectivity constrained wireless multi-role sensor networks.
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Solving dynamic memory allocation problems in embedded systems with parallel variable neighborhood search strategies.
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MemExplorer: From C Code to Memory Allocation.
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A mathematical model and a metaheuristic approach for a memory allocation problem.
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Solution Representations and Local Search for the bi-objective Inventory Routing Problem
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An exact approach for maximizing the lifetime of sensor networks with adjustable sensing ranges.
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Three new upper bounds on the chromatic number.
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Neigborhood Selection in Variable Neighborhood Search
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On the use of reference points for the biobjective Inventory Routing Problem
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Practical inventory routing: A problem definition and an optimization method
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Tabu Search for Multiprocessor Scheduling: Application to High Level Synthesis.
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Probability-Driven Simulated Annealing for Optimizing Digital FIR Filters.
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MA mid PM: memetic algorithms with population management.
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Decision Making System for Regulation of a Bimodal Urban Transportation Network, Associating a Classical and a Multi-Agent Approaches.
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An Exact Method to Minimize the Number of Tardy Jobs in Single Machine Scheduling.
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A genetic algorithm for robust schedules in a one-machine environment with ready times and due dates.
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Métaheuristiques : Stratégies pour l'optimisation de la production de biens et de services. (Metaheuristics: strategies for the optimisation of the production of goods and services).
, 2004

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