Habib F. Rashvand

According to our database1, Habib F. Rashvand authored at least 28 papers between 2008 and 2016.

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Low end-to-end delay fuzzy networking protocol for mobile wireless sensing.
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 2016

Latent semantic learning with time-series cross correlation analysis for video scene detection and classification.
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Geographical multi-layered energy-efficient clustering scheme for ad hoc distributed wireless sensor networks.
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Data modeling mobile augmented reality: integrated mind and body rehabilitation.
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Smartphone intelligent applications: a brief review.
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Editorial: Green Energy Management and Smart Grid.
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Image-sensing enabled augmented reality for perceived exertion and cardiorespiratory endurance.
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Efficient sampling and compressive sensing for urban monitoring vehicular sensor networks.
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Non-uniform distribution of multi-hop sensor networks: performance improvement and energy hole mitigation.
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Performance evaluation of routing schemes for energy-constrained delay/fault-tolerant mobile sensor network.
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Taylor approximation pricing for K-user multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) interference channels.
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Two-stage uncertainty incorporating in optical core networks.
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Efficient construction of irregular codes with midterm block length and near-shannon performance.
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Heavy-tail and voice over internet protocol traffic: queueing analysis for performance evaluation.
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Waveform distortion performance evaluation using practical antennas in deterministic multipath impulse radio channels.
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Body Language and Augmented Reality Learning Environment.
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Distributed security for multi-agent systems - review and applications.
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Mobile-Taiwan experience in voice over IP-worldwide interoperability for microwave access trial.
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Queueing-based TCP congestion estimator.
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Delay controlled wireless video playout system.
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Robust energy detection in cognitive radio.
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REEP: data-centric, energy-efficient and reliable routing protocol for wireless sensor networks.
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Look-up table error correcting multiple pulse PPM codes for wireless optical communication channels [optical wireless communications].
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Ubiquitous wireless telemedicine.
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