J. Sun

According to our database1, J. Sun authored at least 35 papers between 1995 and 2018.

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A Monte-Carlo-based interval De Novo programming method for optimal system design under uncertainty.
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Reflective solar bands calibration improvements and look up tables for SNPP VIIRS operational mission-long SDR reprocessing.
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Empirical Riccati covariance matrices for closed-loop model order reduction of nonlinear systems by balanced truncation.
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Exploring Academic Knowledge Creation Models for Graduate Researches.
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Fabrication of electronic devices with multi-material drop-on-demand dispensing system.
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Hardware and software architecture of the bimanual mobile manipulation robot HoLLiE and its actuated upper body.
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Transfer-free fabrication of suspended graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition.
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Peak satellite-to-earth data rates derived from measurements of a 20 Gbps bread-board modem.
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Electromigration-induced stress in a confined bamboo interconnect with randomly distributed grain sizes.
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Correlation of Mammographic Calcifications with HER-2/neu Overexpression in Primary Breast Carcinomas.
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A dynamic reactive scheduling mechanism for responding to changes of production orders and manufacturing resources.
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Parallel Interior Point Schemes for Solving Multistage Convex Programming.
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