Hua Zhao

According to our database1, Hua Zhao authored at least 62 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Distribution-Based Approaches to Deriving Weights from Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Information.
Symmetry, 2019

Hesitant fuzzy Lukasiewicz implication operation and its application to alternatives' sorting and clustering analysis.
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Interval-valued probabilistic hesitant fuzzy set and its application in the Arctic geopolitical risk evaluation.
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SeqSQC: A Bioconductor Package for Evaluating the Sample Quality of Next-generation Sequencing Data.
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Mining Dynamics of Research Topics Based on the Combined LDA and WordNet.
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Modeling Pilots' Operation Error Based on Fitts' Law.
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An Integrated Ergonomics Evaluation Method of HWDs.
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Positioning-pricing problem of heterogeneous duopoly with uncertain consumer preferences.
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Remote sensing classification method of vegetation dynamics based on time series Landsat image: a case of opencast mining area in China.
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Dynamic Analysis for a Kaldor-Kalecki Model of Business Cycle with Time Delay and Diffusion Effect.
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Overview of 5G security technology.
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Definite integrals for aggregating continuous interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information.
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Large-Scale Visible Watermark Detection and Removal with Deep Convolutional Networks.
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Construction and Application of Diversified Knowledge Model for Paper Reviewers Recommendation.
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Hesitant fuzzy multi-attribute decision-making based on the minimum deviation method.
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Probabilistic dual hesitant fuzzy set and its application in risk evaluation.
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Phase Stabilization Method Based on Optical Fiber Link.
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Novel intuitionistic fuzzy decision making models in the framework of decision field theory.
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A teaching evaluation method based on sentiment classification.
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Magnitude matters: A new light-to-camera communication system with Multilevel Illumination.
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Approach for Constructing Public Key Encryption with Multi-Dimensional Range Query.
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A Research on the Task Expression in Pomology Information Retrieval.
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Visible and infrared image fusion based on Curvelet transform.
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Narrow and Deep Fano Resonances in a Rod and Concentric Square Ring-Disk Nanostructures.
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Novel improved multidimensional Störmer-Verlet formulas with applications to four aspects in scientific computation.
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A spectral clustering algorithm based on intuitionistic fuzzy information.
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Chinese Microblog Topic Detection Based on the Latent Semantic Analysis and Structural Property.
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Micro-blog Keyword Extraction Method Based on Graph Model and Semantic Space.
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Research into the topic's representation in topic tracking.
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Applying Dynamic Co-occurrence in Story Link Detection.
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The design and implementation of a C++ toolkit for integrated medical image processing and analyzing.
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