Hua Duan

According to our database1, Hua Duan authored at least 37 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Missing Procedural Texts Repairing Based on Process Model and Activity Description Templates.
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Text Quality Analysis of Emergency Response Plans.
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Complex Reachability Trees and Their Application to Deadlock Detection for Unbounded Petri Nets.
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Learner2Vec-Based Learner Community Evolution Analysis-A Case Study Involving Student Card Data.
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A Mapping-Based Sharing Approach for Heterogeneous XML Data Supporting User Personalization.
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Mining Dynamics of Research Topics Based on the Combined LDA and WordNet.
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A Heterogeneous Evolving Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Solving Large-Scale Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch Problems.
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Multi-View and Multi-Language Description Generation for Cross-Department Medical Diagnosis Processes.
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A Package Reduction Approach To Modeling and Analysis of Cross-Organization Emergency Response Processes With Privacy Protected.
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