Huihui Liu

According to our database1, Huihui Liu authored at least 20 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Distribution-Oriented Aesthetics Assessment With Semantic-Aware Hybrid Network.
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Two-tuple linguistic utility aggregation operator and its applications to group decision-making.
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Automatic image cropping with a single fully convolutional network.
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Evaluate How Cyclomatic Complexity Changes in the Context of Software Evolution.
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Are Smell-Based Metrics Actually Useful in Effort-Aware Structural Change-Proneness Prediction? An Empirical Study.
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Task-oriented Bayesian inference in interval timing: People use their prior reproduction experience to calibrate time reproduction.
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Improved electrophosphorescence efficiency for organic light-emitting diodes using the cohost with stepwise blending profile.
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The Study on Dual Response Surface Method in MDO.
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