Ichiro Suzuki

According to our database1, Ichiro Suzuki authored at least 57 papers between 1981 and 2016.

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An alternative proof for the equivalence of ∞-searcher and 2-searcher.
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Eccentricity, center and radius computations on the cover graphs of distributive lattices with applications to stable matchings.
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Forming a connected network in a grid by asynchronous and oblivious robots.
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Offline variants of the "lion and man" problem: - Some problems and techniques for measuring crowdedness and for safe path planning - .
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A unified approach to finding good stable matchings in the hospitals/residents setting.
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Capturing an Evader in a Building - Randomized and Deterministic Algorithms for Mobile Robots.
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Erratum: Distributed Anonymous Mobile Robots: Formation of Geometric Patterns.
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Motion planning for metamorphic systems: feasibility, decidability, and distributed reconfiguration.
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Searching a polygonal region by a group of stationary k-searchers.
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