Jan-P. Calliess

  • University of Oxford, UK

According to our database1, Jan-P. Calliess authored at least 31 papers between 2008 and 2021.

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Componentwise Hölder Inference for Robust Learning-Based MPC.
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Fast Agent-Based Simulation Framework with Applications to Reinforcement Learning and the Study of Trading Latency Effects.
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Bayesian Topic Regression for Causal Inference.
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Sentiment Diffusion in Financial News Networks and Associated Market Movements.
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Fast Agent-Based Simulation Framework of Limit Order Books with Applications to Pro-Rata Markets and the Study of Latency Effects.
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Robust learning-based MPC for nonlinear constrained systems.
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Lazily Adapted Constant Kinky Inference for nonparametric regression and model-reference adaptive control.
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Safety Guarantees for Iterative Predictions with Gaussian Processes.
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Safety Guarantees for Planning Based on Iterative Gaussian Processes.
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Asynchronous Batch Bayesian Optimisation with Improved Local Penalisation.
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Online Optimisation for Online Learning and Control - From No-Regret to Generalised Error Convergence.
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Localised Kinky Inference.
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Data-based Robust MPC with Componentwise Hölder Kinky Inference.
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Conservative decision-making and interference in uncertain dynamical systems.
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On generalized separation and the speedup of local operators on multi-dimensional signals.
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On Fixed Convex Combinations of No-Regret Learners.
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