Javier Faulin

According to our database1, Javier Faulin authored at least 50 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Using horizontal cooperation concepts in integrated routing and facility-location decisions.
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An iterative biased-randomized heuristic for the fleet size and mix vehicle-routing problem with backhauls.
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Agent-based simulation for horizontal cooperation in logistics and transportation: From the individual to the grand coalition.
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Practice Summary: Deriving the Optimal Location of a Biorefinery in Northern Spain.
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The role of horizontal cooperation to improve service quality in last-mile distribution.
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Simheuristics Applications: Dealing with uncertainty in Logistics, Transportation, and other supply Chain areas.
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A biased-randomized metaheuristic for the vehicle routing problem with clustered and mixed backhauls.
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Biased randomization of heuristics using skewed probability distributions: A survey and some applications.
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A multi-start randomized heuristic for real-life crew rostering problems in airlines with work-balancing goals.
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Electrifying Last-Mile Deliveries: A Carbon Footprint Comparison between Internal Combustion Engine and Electric Vehicles.
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Guest Editorial.
J. Simulation, 2015

Horizontal cooperation in road transportation: a case illustrating savings in distances and greenhouse gas emissions.
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A biased-randomized algorithm for the two-dimensional vehicle routing problem with and without item rotations.
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New opportunities in operations research to improve pork supply chain efficiency.
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Practice Summaries: Distribution Companies Use the Analytical Hierarchy Process for Environmental Assessment of Transportation Routes Crossing the Pyrenees in Navarre, Spain.
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Using parallel & distributed computing for real-time solving of vehicle routing problems with stochastic demands.
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On the use of Monte Carlo simulation, cache and splitting techniques to improve the Clarke and Wright savings heuristics.
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Optimizing Routes with Safety and Environmental Criteria in Transportation Management in Spain: A Case Study.

Customer Relationship Management applied to higher education: developing an e-monitoring system to improve relationships in electronic learning environments.
IJSTM, 2010

The SR-GCWS hybrid algorithm for solving the capacitated vehicle routing problem.
Appl. Soft Comput., 2010

A linear programming formulation of a semi-Markov model to design pig facilities.
JORS, 2009

Learning Operations Research online: benefits, challenges, and experiences.
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SAMOS: a model for monitoring students' and groups' activities in collaborative e-learning.
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A data analysis model based on control charts to monitor online learning processes.
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Applications of Discrete-event Simulation to Reliability and Availability Assessment in Civil Engineering Structures.
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Simulation Education in the Internet Age: Some Experiences on the Use of Pure Online and Blended Learning Models.
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Applying Simulation and Reliability to Vehicle Routing Problems with Stochastic Demands.
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Predicting availability functions in time-dependent complex systems with SAEDES simulation algorithms.
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Solving the capacitated vehicle routing problem using the ALGELECT electrostatic algorithm.
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The ALGACEA-1 method for the capacitated vehicle routing problem.
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Modelling & Simulation of a Virtual Campus - A Case Study Regarding the Open University of Catalonia.
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SR-2: A Hybrid Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem.
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Developing an Information System for Monitoring Student's Activity in Online Collaborative Learning.
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J-SAEDES: a java-based simulation software to improve reliability and availability of computer systems and networks.
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Castelldefels project: modeling and simulation of the computer system that gives support to the virtual campus of the Open University Of Catalonia.
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The DSS LOGDIS Optimizes Delivery Routes for FRILAC's Frozen Products.
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Practice Abstracts.
Interfaces, 2002