Javier García Guzmán

According to our database1, Javier García Guzmán authored at least 29 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Gamification for software process improvement: a practical approach.
IET Software, 2019

VEHIOT: Design and Evaluation of an IoT Architecture Based on Low-Cost Devices to Be Embedded in Production Vehicles.
Sensors, 2018

Design of Low-Cost Vehicle Roll Angle Estimator Based on Kalman Filters and an IoT Architecture.
Sensors, 2018

Real-Time Vehicle Roll Angle Estimation Based on Neural Networks in IoT Low-Cost Devices.
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VEHIOT: Evaluation of Smartphones as Data Acquisition Systems to Reduce Risk Situations in Commercial Vehicles.
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Measuring the Degree of Innovation in Education Through the Implementation of an Indicator Based on Analyzing MOOC-Related Activities.
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IT innovation strategy: managing the implementation communication and its generated knowledge through the use of an ICT tool.
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Modeling software development practices using reusable project patterns: a case study.
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Agile practices adapted to mass-market application development.
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Study of Factors Influencing the Adoption of Agile Processes When Using Wikis.
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Accessible Mobile Application to Support Self Testing for Anticoagulated Patients using a Personal Health Record - Appliying Good Practices.
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Success Factors for the Management of Global Virtual Teams for Software Development.

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Integration of strategic management, process improvement and quantitative measurement for managing the competitiveness of software engineering organizations.
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Knowledge repository to improve agile development processes learning.
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CASE STUDY: a practical approach for SPI in large Spanish companies.
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RAMALA: A Knowledge Base for Software Process Improvement.
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Guide to Develop an Euromethod Compatible Information System Methodology: A Practical Experience of its Development.
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