Jenny A. Harding

According to our database1, Jenny A. Harding authored at least 31 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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A decision support system based on ontology and data mining to improve design using warranty data.
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Managing corporate memory on the semantic web.
J. Intelligent Manufacturing, 2016

Generating rules from data mining for collaboration moderator services.
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Exploiting unified modelling language (UML) as a preliminary design tool for Common Logic-based ontologies in manufacturing.
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Ontology mapping using description logic and bridging axioms.
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A model-driven ontology approach for manufacturing system interoperability and knowledge sharing.
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Identifying helpful online reviews: A product designer's perspective.
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A framework for collaboration moderator services to support knowledge based collaboration.
J. Intelligent Manufacturing, 2012

A framework for ontology based decision support system for e-learning modules, business modeling and manufacturing systems.
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Textual data mining for industrial knowledge management and text classification: A business oriented approach.
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Mediation of foundation ontology based knowledge sources.
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Adapting the 'Iron Triangle' to Develop a Framework for Reverse Manufacturing Decision Support Tools.
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Application of Collaboration Moderator Service in Pharmaceutical Industry: A Collaborative Drug Discovery Use Case.
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A Manufacturing Core Concepts Ontology for Product Lifecycle Interoperability.
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Risk Assessment in the Formation of Virtual Enterprises.
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Learning Collaboration Moderator Services: Supporting Knowledge Based Collaboration.
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A Manufacturing Foundation Ontology for Product Life Cycle Interoperability.
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Gap Analysis of Ontology Mapping Tools and Techniques.
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Cross Domain Knowledge Verification - Verifying Knowledge in Foundation Ontology based Domain Ontologies.
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Editorial for the special issue of knowledge discovery and management in engineering design and manufacturing.
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Data mining in manufacturing: a review based on the kind of knowledge.
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The needs and benefits of Text Mining applications on Post-Project Reviews.
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Supporting Adaptive Enterprise Collaboration through Semantic Knowledge Services.
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Text Mining Post Project Reviews to Improve the Construction Project Supply Chain Design.
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A manufacturing system engineering ontology model on the semantic web for inter-enterprise collaboration.
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A Cooperative Multi Colony Ant Optimization Based Approach to Efficiently Allocate Customers to Multiple Distribution Centers in a Supply Chain Network.
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Enterprise design information: the key to improved competitive advantage.
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The application of UML and an open distributed process framework to information system design.
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An holonic approach for the modelling of enterprise functionality and behaviour.
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