Jian Jin

According to our database1, Jian Jin authored at least 73 papers between 1995 and 2019.

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A Depth-Bin-Based Graphical Model for Fast View Synthesis Distortion Estimation.
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A Posture Recognition Method Based on Indoor Positioning Technology.
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Author-Subject-Topic model for reviewer recommendation.
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Comparison of series products from customer online concerns for competitive intelligence.
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Optimized angles of the swing hyperspectral imaging system for single corn plant.
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SegRoot: A high throughput segmentation method for root image analysis.
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Current and future applications of statistical machine learning algorithms for agricultural machine vision systems.
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Greenhouse environment modeling and simulation for microclimate control.
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Robust Cascade Path-Tracking Control of Networked Industrial Robot Using Constrained Iterative Feedback Tuning.
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Analysis of Botnet Domain Names for IoT Cybersecurity.
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Rogue Base Station Detection Using A Machine Learning Approach.
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Improving High-Throughput Phenotyping Using Fusion of Close-Range Hyperspectral Camera and Low-Cost Depth Sensor.
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Scheduling jobs with resource-dependent ready times and processing times depending on their starting times and positions.
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A novel echo state network for multivariate and nonlinear time series prediction.
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BGP Route Leak Prevention Based on BGPsec.
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Regularized Extreme Learning Machine Ensemble Using Bagging for Tropical Cyclone Tracks Prediction.
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Calibration for Kinematic Parameters of Industrial Robot by a Laser Displacement Sensor.
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A Design Approach of Fractional-order Proportional-plus-integral Controller with Experimental Validation Free of Analytical Model.
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Integrating the Trend of Research Interest for Reviewer Assignment.
Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion, 2017

Constant pressure control for steady - State pressure flow test of proportional valve.
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Region-Aware 3-D Warping for DIBR.
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Resource-dependent scheduling with deteriorating jobs and learning effects on unrelated parallel machine.
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Design and implementation of an intelligent exam management system based on B/S structure for Hebei University.
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Intra-Day Trading System Design Based on the Integrated Model of Wavelet De-Noise and Genetic Programming.
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A biclustering-based method for market segmentation using customer pain points.
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What makes consumers unsatisfied with your products: Review analysis at a fine-grained level.
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Identifying comparative customer requirements from product online reviews for competitor analysis.
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Automaton fault diagnosis based on EEMD and Multi-component information entropy.
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Diphthongization of Nuclear Vowels and the Emergence of a Tetraphthong in Hetang Cantonese.
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Bayesian Neural Networks Based Bootstrap Aggregating for Tropical Cyclone Tracks Prediction in South China Sea.
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Humidity Threshold Model of Numerical Control Multilayer Printed Circuit Board for Electrochemical Migration.
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Allosteric ligands for the pharmacologically dark receptors GPR68 and GPR65.
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Scalable Coding of Depth Images with Synthesis-Guided Edge Detection.
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Research on scheduling problems with general effects of deterioration and learning.
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Translating online customer opinions into engineering characteristics in QFD: A probabilistic language analysis approach.
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Synthesis-Aware Region-Based 3D Video Coding.
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Clustered Spatio-Temporal Compression Design for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Extraction of comparative opinionate sentences from product online reviews.
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An Author Subject Topic Model for Expert Recommendation.
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Single machine scheduling with truncated job-dependent learning effect.
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The combined impact of external computers and network topology on the spread of computer viruses.
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Robust zero-point attraction least mean square algorithm on near sparse system identification.
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Identifying helpful online reviews: A product designer's perspective.
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Coverage path planning on three-dimensional terrain for arable farming.
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Analysis of a dual-arm mobile robot dynamics and balance compensation.
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Off-line Signature Verification Based on Multitask Learning.
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Learning Form Experience: A Bayesian Network Based Reinforcement Learning Approach.
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A committee machine with two-layer expert nets.
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Electronic circuits automatic design algorithm.
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