Jiang Lu

According to our database1, Jiang Lu authored at least 36 papers between 1995 and 2019.

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Two-channel convolutional neural network for facial expression recognition using facial parts.
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Self-reinforcing Unsupervised Matching.
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Direct Levitation Force Control for a Bearingless Induction Motor Based on Model Prediction.
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Facial Expression Recognition: Utilizing Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning, and High-Performance Computing.
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Intelligent In-Vehicle Safety and Security Monitoring System with Face Recognition.
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Exercise Evaluation Using Wrist Sensors.
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Robot-assisted intelligent emergency system for individual elderly independent living.
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A sensor-based virtual piano biofeedback system for stroke rehabilitation.
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Measuring activities and counting steps with the SmartSocks - An unobtrusive and accurate method.
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SHAP: Suppressing the Detection of Inconsistency Hazards by Pattern Learning.
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The Strong Convergence of Maximal Degrees in Uniform Random Recursive Trees and Dags.
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