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According to our database1, Yang Shen authored at least 131 papers between 2001 and 2021.

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Transient Stability and Current Injection Design of Paralleled Current-Controlled VSCs and Virtual Synchronous Generators.
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Sensor Reduction, Estimation, and Control of an Upper-Limb Exoskeleton.
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Identification and Engagement of Passive Subjects in Multiparty Conversations by a Humanoid Robot.
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Modeling the Effects of Global and Diffuse Radiation on Terrestrial Gross Primary Productivity in China Based on a Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Model.
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Long term activity prediction in first person viewpoint.
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An Active Learning Framework for Alpha Matting.
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Energy-based Graph Convolutional Networks for Scoring Protein Docking Models.
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Bayesian active learning for optimization and uncertainty quantification in protein docking.
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DeepAffinity: interpretable deep learning of compound-protein affinity through unified recurrent and convolutional neural networks.
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A new distributed time series evolution prediction model for dam deformation based on constituent elements.
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A Broadband Wide-Angle Synthetical Absorber Designed by Topology Optimization of Resistance Surface and Metal Wires.
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Multi-dimensional Analysis Approaches for Heterogeneous single-cell Data.
PhD thesis, 2018

The 3D Human Body Modeling for Virtual Fitting Based on the Key Characteristic Parameters.
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Color sensors and their applications based on real-time color image segmentation for cyber physical systems.
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How do capital structure and economic regime affect fair prices of bank's equity and liabilities?
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