Jinbo Liu

According to our database1, Jinbo Liu authored at least 15 papers between 2010 and 2019.

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Robust and Accurate Hand-Eye Calibration Method Based on Schur Matric Decomposition.
Sensors, 2019

On the Volume-Surface Integral Equation for Scattering From Arbitrary Shaped Composite PEC and Inhomogeneous Bi-Isotropic Objects.
IEEE Access, 2019

An Efficient Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm to Solve Volume Integral Equation for Arbitrary Inhomogeneous Bi-Anisotropic Objects.
IEEE Access, 2019

Advanced Multi-objective Design Analysis to Identify Ideal Stent Design.
Proceedings of the Machine Learning and Medical Engineering for Cardiovascular Health and Intravascular Imaging and Computer Assisted Stenting, 2019

Chinese named entity recognition in power domain based on Bi-LSTM-CRF.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition, 2019

An Ultra-Short Term Load Forecasting and Correction Method Based on Scheduling and Controlling Cloud Platform.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, 2018

Affinity Propagation Based CoMP Clusters for Dense Small Cell Networks with Backhaul Constraints.
Wireless Personal Communications, 2017

Energy efficiency analysis of cache-enabled cooperative dense small cell networks.
IET Communications, 2017

A Lossy Secret Color Image Sharing Scheme with Small Shadows and Error-resilient Capability.
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Hypergraph-Based Intercell Interference Coordination for QoS Guarantees in Dense Femtocell Networks.
Proceedings of the IEEE 81st Vehicular Technology Conference, 2015

An inverse pollution problem in porous media.
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Design and improvement of Printed IFA for Bluetooth system.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition, 2011

Determination of a source term in a heat equation.
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Elastic stream cloud (ESC): A stream-oriented cloud computing platform for Rich Internet Application.
Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation, 2010

Asymptotic mean square stability analysis for cellular neural networks with random delays.
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