Xiaofeng Xu

According to our database1, Xiaofeng Xu authored at least 63 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Automated Brain Region Segmentation for Single Cell Resolution Histological Images Based on Markov Random Field.
Neuroinformatics, 2020

Improving Generalization via Attribute Selection on Out-of-the-Box Data.
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Customizable and Rigorous Location Privacy through Policy Graph.
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Multi-objective artificial bee colony algorithm for multi-stage resource leveling problem in sharing logistics network.
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Spatiotemporal pattern of gypsum blooms in the Salton Sea, California, during 2000-2018.
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Accurate Position Estimation of Mobile Robot Based on Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (CPSS).
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PGLP: Customizable and Rigorous Location Privacy Through Policy Graph.
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A Long-Term Historical Aerosol Optical Depth Data Record (1982-2011) Over China From AVHRR.
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Fuzzy Optimal Allocation Model for Task-Resource Assignment Problem in a Collaborative Logistics Network.
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Multi-task transportation scheduling model with backhauls based on hub and spoke in collaborative logistics network.
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Learning Image-Specific Attributes by Hyperbolic Neighborhood Graph Propagation.
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A bi-level optimization model of LRP in collaborative logistics network considered backhaul no-load cost.
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Optimization and decision-making with big data.
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Phase-Shifted Eccentric Core Fiber Bragg Grating Fabricated by Electric Arc Discharge for Directional Bending Measurement.
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Target-Independent Active Learning via Distribution-Splitting.
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Zero-shot Learning with Complementary Attributes.
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Frequent Pattern-based Trajectory Completion.
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Research on Trend Analysis Model of Movement Features Based on Big Data.
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Game analysis and benefit allocation in international projects among owner, supervisor and contractor.
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Online commercial intention detection framework based on web pages.
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DPHMM: Customizable Data Release with Differential Privacy via Hidden Markov Model.
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D-Grid: An In-Memory Dual Space Grid Index for Moving Object Databases.
Proceedings of the IEEE 17th International Conference on Mobile Data Management, 2016

A Markov chain based pruning method for predictive range queries.
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Stability and global Hopf bifurcation for neutral BAM neural network.
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User Interest Profile Identification Using Wikipedia Knowledge Database.
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The Application of an Improved Multi-surface Function Based on Earth Gravity Field Model in GPS Leveling Fitting.
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Simulation and Optimization of Decision-Making of Organizations' Safety Investment.
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A Trust Evaluation Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Node Behaviors and D-S Evidence Theory.
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Research on Emergency Power Material Allocation Program.
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