Jinpeng Wei

According to our database1, Jinpeng Wei authored at least 41 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Binary-centric defense of production operating systems against kernel queue injection attacks.
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Tail Amplification in n-Tier Systems: A Study of Transient Cross-Resource Contention Attacks.
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Autonomous Cyber Deception - Reasoning, Adaptive Planning, and Evaluation of HoneyThings
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City Disaster Susceptibility Comparisons using Weighted Bipartite Graphs.
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A Reflective Covert Channel Attack Anchored on Trusted Web Services.
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The Design of Cyber Threat Hunting Games: A Case Study.
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Toward integrity assurance of outsourced computing - a game theoretic perspective.
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An adaptive middleware design to support the dynamic interpretation of domain-specific models.
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A bipartite-graph based approach for disaster susceptibility comparisons among cities.
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Constructing E-Tourism platform based on service value broker: A knowledge management perspective.
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Fixed-Parameter Tractable Combinatorial Algorithms for Metabolic Networks Alignments.
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WS-GraphMatching: a web service tool for graph matching.
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Improving operating systems security: two case studies.
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