Kevin D. Glazebrook

According to our database1, Kevin D. Glazebrook authored at least 59 papers between 1981 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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A Slot-Scheduling Mechanism at Congested Airports that Incorporates Efficiency, Fairness, and Airline Preferences.
Transportation Science, 2020

Fast or Slow: Search in Discrete Locations with Two Search Modes.
Oper. Res., 2020

Adaptive policies for perimeter surveillance problems.
Eur. J. Oper. Res., 2020

On the dynamic allocation of assets subject to failure.
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Resource allocation in congested queueing systems with time-varying demand: An application to airport operations.
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Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandits with Filtered Feedback.
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Developing Effective Service Policies for Multiclass Queues with Abandonment: Asymptotic Optimality and Approximate Policy Improvement.
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On the Identification and Mitigation of Weaknesses in the Knowledge Gradient Policy for Multi-Armed Bandits.
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How and When to Deploy Error Prone Sensors in Support of the Maintenance of Two-Phase Systems With Ageing.
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Stochastic scheduling: A short history of index policies and new approaches to index generation for dynamic resource allocation.
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Dynamic routing in distinguishable parallel queues: an application of product returns for remanufacturing.
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A Graph Patrol Problem with Random Attack Times.
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Enhanced lateral transshipments in a multi-location inventory system.
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A Dynamic Programming Policy Improvement Approach to the Development of Maintenance Policies for 2-Phase Systems With Aging.
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Index Policies for the Admission Control and Routing of Impatient Customers to Heterogeneous Service Stations.
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An index heuristic for transshipment decisions in multi-location inventory systems based on a pairwise decomposition.
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Allocation Models and Heuristics for the Outsourcing of Repairs for a Dynamic Warranty Population.
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Fixed-time schedules for the processing of jobs when service completions are not observable.
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A static allocation model for the outsourcing of warranty repairs.
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Index policies for the maintenance of a collection of machines by a set of repairmen.
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Discounted Multiarmed Bandit Problems on a Collection of Machines with Varying Speeds.
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Shoot-Look-Shoot: A Review and Extension.
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An analysis of Klimov's problem with parallel servers.
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Allocation of tasks to specialized processors: A planning approach.
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A linear programming approach to stability, optimisationand performance analysis for Markovian multiclassqueueing networks.
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Almost optimal policies for stochastic systemswhich almost satisfy conservation laws.
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Stochastic Scheduling with Priority Classes.
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On a new approach to the analysis of complex multi-armed bandits.
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Submodular Returns and Greedy Heuristics for Queueing Scheduling Problems.
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