Isi Mitrani

According to our database1, Isi Mitrani authored at least 101 papers between 1972 and 2018.

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Control and Optimization of the SRPT Service Policy by Frequency Scaling.
Proceedings of the Quantitative Evaluation of Systems - 15th International Conference, 2018

On the Degradation of Distributed Graph Databases with Eventual Consistency.
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Distributed systems with different degrees of multicasting.
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Spectral Expansion Solutions for Markov-Modulated Queues.
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Analysis of a Transaction System with Checkpointing, Failures, and Rollback.
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Large Scale and Heavy Traffic Asymptotics for Systems with Unreliable Servers.
Queueing Syst., 2001

Optimal Caching Policies for Web Objects.
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Parallel simulation of ATM switches using relaxation.
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Optimal Allocation Policies for Mobile Agents.
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On the Propagation of Updates in Distributed Replicated Systems.
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Congestion problems in computing systems.
PhD thesis, 1972

Nonpriority Multiprogramming Systems Under Heavy Demand Conditions--Customers' Viewpoint.
J. ACM, 1972