Laura Panizo

According to our database1, Laura Panizo authored at least 23 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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An Architecture for Creating Slices to Experiment on Wireless Networks.
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Model-based testing of apps in real network scenarios.
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Dynamic Spectrum Management for European-Wide Research Network.
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A formal approach to automatically analyse extra-functional properties in mobile applications.
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Teaching Formal Methods: From Software in the Small to Software in the Large.
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Trace Analysis Using an Event-Driven Interval Temporal Logic.
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How Formal Methods Can Contribute to 5G Networks.
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Integrating river basin DSSs with model checking.
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An Extension of TRIANGLE Testbed with Model-Based Testing.
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A characterisation of verification tools for software defined networks.
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A constraint-based language for modelling intelligent environments.
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A Simulation Tool for tccp Programs.
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Guided test case generation for mobile apps in the TRIANGLE project: work in progress.
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River Basin Management with Spin.
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Extending model checkers for hybrid system verification: the case study of SPIN.
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An extension of Java PathFinder for hybrid systems.
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