Michael Hannigan

According to our database1, Michael Hannigan authored at least 16 papers between 2011 and 2019.

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Using A Low-Cost Sensor Array and Machine Learning Techniques to Detect Complex Pollutant Mixtures and Identify Likely Sources.
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Multi-Group Encoder-Decoder Networks to Fuse Heterogeneous Data for Next-Day Air Quality Prediction.
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Comparing Building and Neighborhood-Scale Variability of CO2 and O3 to Inform Deployment Considerations for Low-Cost Sensor System Use.
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Low-Cost Air Quality Monitoring Tools: From Research to Practice (A Workshop Summary).
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Quantifying Neighborhood-Scale Spatial Variations of Ozone at Open Space and Urban Sites in Boulder, Colorado Using Low-Cost Sensor Technology.
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Introducing university laboratory tools into K-12 classrooms: Benefits and challenges.
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Broadening and sustaining an Air Quality K-12 curriculum through a Digital Library and undergraduate service learning course.
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Quantification Method for Electrolytic Sensors in Long-Term Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality.
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On the development and implementation of a project-based learning curriculum for air quality in K-12 schools.
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User-Centric Indoor Air Quality Monitoring on Mobile Devices.
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Hallway based automatic indoor floorplan construction using room fingerprints.
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A Hybrid Sensor System for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring.
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Collaborative calibration and sensor placement for mobile sensor networks.
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ARIEL: automatic wi-fi based room fingerprinting for indoor localization.
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MAQS: a mobile sensing system for indoor air quality.
Proceedings of the UbiComp 2011: Ubiquitous Computing, 13th International Conference, 2011

MAQS: a personalized mobile sensing system for indoor air quality monitoring.
Proceedings of the UbiComp 2011: Ubiquitous Computing, 13th International Conference, 2011