Michael Wibral

  • Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

According to our database1, Michael Wibral authored at least 32 papers between 2007 and 2022.

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Partial Information Decomposition Reveals the Structure of Neural Representations.
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Information-theoretic analyses of neural data to minimize the effect of researchers' assumptions in predictive coding studies.
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Embedding optimization reveals long-lasting history dependence in neural spiking activity.
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A Rigorous Information-Theoretic Definition of Redundancy and Relevancy in Feature Selection Based on (Partial) Information Decomposition.
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A differentiable measure of pointwise shared information.
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IDTxl: The Information Dynamics Toolkit xl: a Python package for the efficient analysis of multivariate information dynamics in networks.
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Large-scale directed network inference with multivariate transfer entropy and hierarchical statistical testing.
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Information Decomposition of Target Effects from Multi-Source Interactions: Perspectives on Previous, Current and Future Work.
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Interhemispheric Binding of Ambiguous Visual Motion Is Associated with Changes in Beta Oscillatory Activity but Not with Gamma Range Synchrony.
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Processing of location and pattern changes of natural sounds in the human auditory cortex.
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