Joachim Gross

According to our database1, Joachim Gross authored at least 38 papers between 2001 and 2022.

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Neural sampling of the speech signal at different timescales by children with dyslexia.
NeuroImage, 2022

Comparison of undirected frequency-domain connectivity measures for cerebro-peripheral analysis.
NeuroImage, 2021

Towards a Network Control Theory of Electroconvulsive Therapy Response.
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Spatial attention enhances cortical tracking of quasi-rhythmic visual stimuli.
NeuroImage, 2020

Brain activity reflects the predictability of word sequences in listened continuous speech.
NeuroImage, 2020

Depth and phase of respiration modulate cortico-muscular communication.
NeuroImage, 2020

Investigating the effects of pre-stimulus cortical oscillatory activity on behavior.
NeuroImage, 2020

Inter-Subject Variability of Skull Conductivity and Thickness in Calibrated Realistic Head Models.
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Frequency and power of human alpha oscillations drift systematically with time-on-task.
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Brain oscillations differentially encode noxious stimulus intensity and pain intensity.
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Visual cortex responses reflect temporal structure of continuous quasi-rhythmic sensory stimulation.
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Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks.
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The role of brain oscillations in predicting self-generated sounds.
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Integrated Process and Molecular Design with Modelica Using Continuous-Molecular Targeting.
Proceedings of the 12th International Modelica Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 2017

MEG sensor and source measures of visually induced gamma-band oscillations are highly reliable.
NeuroImage, 2016

MEG - measured auditory steady-state oscillations show high test-retest reliability: A sensor and source-space analysis.
NeuroImage, 2015

Computer-aided molecular design in the continuous-molecular targeting framework using group-contribution PC-SAFT.
Comput. Chem. Eng., 2015

Gearing up for action: Attentive tracking dynamically tunes sensory and motor oscillations in the alpha and beta band.
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Good practice for conducting and reporting MEG research.
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Optimal spatial filtering for brain oscillatory activity using the Relevance Vector Machine.
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Alpha entrainment is responsible for the attentional blink phenomenon.
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Acceleration of Monte-Carlo molecular simulations on hybrid computing architectures.
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Minimal MPI as programming interface for multicore System-on-Chips.
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The effect of filtering on Granger causality based multivariate causality measures.
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Localization of correlated network activity at the cortical level with MEG.
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Evidence for Anticipatory Motor Control within a Cerebello-Diencephalic-Parietal Network.
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Erratum to "Target consolidation under high temporal processing demands as revealed by MEG" [NeuroImage 26 (2005) 1030-1041].
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Intercerebellar Coupling Contributes to Bimanual Coordination.
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The role of neural oscillations in attention: Perspectives for computational models.
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Oscillatory activity reflects the excitability of the human somatosensory system.
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The cerebral oscillatory network associated with auditorily paced finger movements.
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Target consolidation under high temporal processing demands as revealed by MEG.
NeuroImage, 2005

Task-dependent oscillations during unimanual and bimanual movements in the human primary motor cortex and SMA studied with magnetoencephalography.
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Deriving a Particle System from Continuum Mechanics for the Animation of Deformable Objects.
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Properties of MEG tomographic maps obtained with spatial filtering.
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Interactive physically based solid dynamics.
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Soft Tissue Simulation Based on Measured Data.
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VR models for surgical training with realistic biophysical properties.
Proceedings of the CARS 2001. Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery. Proceedings of the 15th International Congress and Exhibition, 2001