Min Tan

According to our database1, Min Tan authored at least 38 papers between 2000 and 2020.

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Big Data Aspect-Based Opinion Mining Using the SLDA and HME-LDA Models.
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A 0.5-V Capless LDO With 30-dB PSRR at 10-kHz Using a Lightweight Local Generated Supply.
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Fashion analysis and understanding with artificial intelligence.
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FREEtree: A Tree-based Approach for High Dimensional Longitudinal Data With Correlated Features.
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Fashion-Sketcher: A Model for Producing Fashion Sketches of Multiple Categories.
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An occlusion compensation model for improving the reconstruction quality of light field.
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Abnormal Event Detection in Video Based on Sparse Representation.
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Research on Application of Blockchain Technology in Cloud-Network Collaboration.
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Bilingual Dictionary Based Neural Machine Translation without Using Parallel Sentences.
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TSV Manufacturing Fault Modeling and Diagnosis Based on Multi-Tone Dither.
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A Two-level Adaptive Target Recognition and Tracking Method Based on Vision for Multi-robot System.
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Analysis and Suggestions on Peak Shaving of Hunan AC-DC Hybrid Power Grid with Large-scale New Energy.
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A real-time and robust feature detection method using hierarchical strategy and modified Kalman filter for thick plate seam tracking.
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Weakly Supervised Metric Learning for Traffic Sign Recognition in a LIDAR-Equipped Vehicle.
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基于相似度的多粒度不确定语言群决策方法 (Multi-granularity Uncertain Linguistic Group Decision Making Method Based on Similarity Measure).
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A simple technique for structured light calibration in welding robots.
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L1-norm latent SVM for compact features in object detection.
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Modular pathways for editing non-cognate amino acids by human cytoplasmic leucyl-tRNA synthetase.
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The Evolutionary Approach to Semantics-Driven CBD Automation.
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