Mireille Régnier

According to our database1, Mireille Régnier authored at least 46 papers between 1981 and 2016.

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SV-Bay: structural variant detection in cancer genomes using a Bayesian approach with correction for GC-content and read mappability.
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Large deviation properties for patterns.
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Analysis of pattern overlaps and exact computation of P-values of pattern occurrences numbers: case of Hidden Markov Models.
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Clump Combinatorics, Automata, and Word Asymptotics.
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Binding of intronic miRNAs to the mRNAs of host genes encoding intronic miRNAs and proteins that participate in tumourigenesis.
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Comparison of Statistical Significance Criteria.
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P-dcfold or How to Predict all Kinds of Pseudoknots in Rna Secondary Structures.
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Assessing the Significance of Sets of Words.
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