Morteza Gholipour

Orcid: 0000-0001-6290-9461

According to our database1, Morteza Gholipour authored at least 25 papers between 2005 and 2022.

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A Reliable Low Standby Power 10T SRAM Cell With Expanded Static Noise Margins.
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Ultra-low-power and stable 10-nm FinFET 10T sub-threshold SRAM.
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Improved read/write assist mechanism for 10-transistor static random access memory cell.
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A low-leakage single-bitline 9T SRAM cell with read-disturbance removal and high writability for low-power biomedical applications.
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Enhanced overloaded code division multiple access for network on chip.
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A Schmitt-Trigger-Based Low-Voltage 11 T SRAM Cell for Low-Leakage in 7-nm FinFET Technology.
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Design of a Highly Stable and Robust 10T SRAM Cell for Low-Power Portable Applications.
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Half-select disturb-free single-ended 9-transistor SRAM cell with bit-interleaving scheme in TMDFET technology.
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Single-ended half-select disturb-free 11T static random access memory cell for reliable and low power applications.
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Nanoscale field effect diode (FED) with improved speed and <i>I</i> <sub>ON</sub>/<i>I</i> <sub>OFF</sub> ratio.
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