Nadim Joni Shah

Orcid: 0000-0002-8151-6169

According to our database1, Nadim Joni Shah authored at least 93 papers between 2000 and 2024.

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A Novel Circularly Polarised Butterfly RF Coil Concept for MRI.
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Design of a Folded, Double-Tuned Loop Coil for ¹H/X-Nuclei MRI Applications.
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Application of Evolution Strategies to the Design of SAR Efficient Parallel Transmit Multi-Spoke Pulses for Ultra-High Field MRI.
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Requirement-driven model-based development methodology applied to the design of a real-time MEG data processing unit.
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fMRI identifies chronotype-specific brain activation associated with attention to motion - Why we need to know when subjects go to bed.
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A Constrained ICA Approach for Real-Time Cardiac Artifact Rejection in Magnetoencephalography.
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"Early to bed, early to rise": Diffusion tensor imaging identifies chronotype-specificity.
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Mapping tissue sodium concentration in the human brain: A comparison of MR sequences at 9.4 Tesla.
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Simultaneous EEG-fMRI acquisition at low, high and ultra-high magnetic fields up to 9.4 T: Perspectives and challenges.
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Attention to Detail: Why Considering Task Demands Is Essential for Single-Trial Analysis of BOLD Correlates of the Visual P1 and N1.
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Parallel imaging acceleration of EPIK for reduced image distortions in fMRI.
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Gender differences in brain networks supporting empathy.
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The extrastriate cortex distinguishes between the consequences of one's own and others' behavior.
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