Nan Jia

According to our database1, Nan Jia authored at least 31 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Learning Code Context Information to Predict Comment Locations.
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Does your code need comment?
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Parallel simulation model for heat and moisture transfer of clothed human body.
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Synchronous Acquisition and Analysis of Ultrasonic Spectral Information for the Characterization of Particle Size Distribution.
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An improved human physiological simulation model for healthcare applications.
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An Improved Sequential Energy Flow Analysis Method Based on Multiple Balance Nodes in Gas-Electricity Interconnection Systems.
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Recommending differentiated code to support smart contract update.
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Would the Patch Be Quickly Merged?
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SAE-based classification of school-aged children with autism spectrum disorders using functional magnetic resonance imaging.
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Salient-class location: help developers understand code change in code review.
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A Verifiable and Dynamic Multi-keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data with Accuracy Improvement.
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Guiding developers to make informative commenting decisions in source code.
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Research on the Transformation and Upgrading Path and Selection of Traditional Industries from the Perspective of Big Data.
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A Co-occurrence Matrix Based Multi-keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data.
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How Risk Perception Affect Driving Behaviors in Disasters.
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Linear k-Arboricity of Hypohamiltonian Graphs with Small Order.
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Exercise simulation platform based on mathematical thermal model.
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A Novel Exercise Thermophysiology Comfort Prediction Model with Fuzzy Logic.
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A New Method of Encryption Algorithm Based on Chaos and ECC.
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The Structure of Political Institutions and Effectiveness of Corporate Political Lobbying.
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Denoising of 3D magnetic resonance images by using higher-order singular value decomposition.
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Joint Algorithm of Channel Allocation and Power Control in Multi-channel Wireless Sensor Network.
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Virtual Game-Based Energy Balanced Topology Control Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Coinsurance Within Business Groups: Evidence from Related Party Transactions in an Emerging Market.
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PolInSAR airborne principle verification experiment based on Ku-band multifunction radar system.
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Polarimetric imaging of land in airborne verification experiment for polarimetric scatterometer.
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Study of three different approaches for development of power system aggregated load area models.
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Multisegment pulverised coal mill model and online implementation for condition monitoring.
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