Xintao Liu

According to our database1, Xintao Liu authored at least 40 papers between 2009 and 2022.

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Nighttime Vitality and Its Relationship to Urban Diversity: An Exploratory Analysis in Shenzhen, China.
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RAANet: A Residual ASPP with Attention Framework for Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images.
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Assessment of a New Fine-Resolution Nighttime Light Imagery From the Yangwang-1 ("Look up 1") Satellite.
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Web-based real-time visualization of large-scale weather radar data using 3D tiles.
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Analysis of urban agglomeration structure through spatial network and mobile phone data.
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Visualizing spatiotemporal patterns of city service demand through a space-time exploratory approach.
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A Proposed Framework for Identification of Indicators to Model High-Frequency Cities.
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Influence of Multiple Interactions in Value Cocreation on Sports Spectators' Perceived Value of Sports Events.
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Position paper: Sensitivity analysis of spatially distributed environmental models- a pragmatic framework for the exploration of uncertainty sources.
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Defining and generating axial lines from street center lines for better understanding of urban morphologies.
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Scaling of geographic space from the perspective of city and field blocks and using volunteered geographic information.
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Automatic generation of the axial lines of urban environments to capture what we perceive.
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AxialGen: A Research Prototype for Automatically Generating the Axial Map
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