Nicolas Ray

According to our database1, Nicolas Ray authored at least 35 papers between 2002 and 2018.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Meshless voronoi on the GPU.
ACM Trans. Graph., 2018

Hex-dominant meshing: Mind the gap!
Computer-Aided Design, 2018

Hexahedral-dominant meshing.
ACM Trans. Graph., 2017

SCOPED-W: SCalable Online Platform for extracting Environmental Data and Water-related model outputs.
Trans. GIS, 2017

Bringing GEOSS Services into Practice: A Capacity Building Resource on Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI).
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Spatial Dynamic Modelling of Future Scenarios of Land Use Change in Vaud and Valais, Western Switzerland.
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Anti-aliasing for fused filament deposition.
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GEOCAB Portal: A gateway for discovering and accessing capacity building resources in Earth Observation.
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Hexahedral-Dominant Meshing.
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Practical 3D frame field generation.
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Integration of data and computing infrastructures for earth science: an image mosaicking use-case.
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Facilitating the production of ISO-compliant metadata of geospatial datasets.
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Dihedral angle-based maps of tetrahedral meshes.
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An interoperable web portal for parallel geoprocessing of satellite image vegetation indices.
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An interoperable cloud-based scientific GATEWAY for NDVI time series analysis.
Computer Standards & Interfaces, 2015

Robust Polylines Tracing for N-Symmetry Direction Field on Triangulated Surfaces.
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MASCOT: Multi-Criteria Analytical SCOring Tool for ArcGIS Desktop.
International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 2014

Simplified Toolbar to Accelerate Repeated Tasks (START) for ArcGIS: Optimizing Workflows in Humanitarian Demining.
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Distributed computation of large scale SWAT models on the Grid.
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Software Platform Interoperability Throughout EnviroGRIDS Portal.
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Invisible Seams.
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SPLATCHE2: a spatially explicit simulation framework for complex demography, genetic admixture and recombination.
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Geometry-aware direction field processing.
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Material Space Texturing.
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N-symmetry direction field design.
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Representing Higher-Order Singularities in Vector Fields on Piecewise Linear Surfaces.
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Periodic global parameterization.
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Generation of Radiosity Texture Atlas for Realistic Real-Time Rendering.
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Least squares conformal maps for automatic texture atlas generation.
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