Paul Brown

According to our database1, Paul Brown authored at least 39 papers between 1989 and 2019.

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Scaling mountains: SciDB and scientific data management.
Proceedings of the Making Databases Work: the Pragmatic Wisdom of Michael Stonebraker, 2019

The size of a graph is reconstructible from any n-2 cards.
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Bringing numerous methods for expression and promoter analysis to a public cloud computing service.
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ArrayBridge: Interweaving Declarative Array Processing in SciDB with Imperative HDF5-Based Programs.
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Closing the Data Loop: An Integrated Open Access Analysis Platform for the MIMIC Database.
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Implementing connected component labeling as a user defined operator for SciDB.
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The Architecture of SciDB.
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Families of pairs of graphs with a large number of common cards.
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Organizational Assimilation of Electronic Procurement Innovations.
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Autonomy, Signature and Creativity.
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Implicit Fitness Functions for Evolving a Drawing Robot.
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Computational and spatially-organised narrativity.
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DAMIA - A Data Mashup Fabric for Intranet Applications.
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Fix my street or else: using the internet to voice local public service concerns.
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Assimilation patterns in the use of electronic procurement innovations: A cluster analysis.
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GORDIAN: Efficient and Scalable Discovery of Composite Keys.
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Facilitating innovative faculty projects: an information technology perspective.
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Creating histories.
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Toward Automated Large-Scale Information Integration and Discovery.
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The computer arts: origins and contexts.
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Implementing the Spirit of SQL-99.
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My gasket.
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Swimming pool.
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Networks and artworks: the failure of the user friendly interface.
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BigSur: A System For the Management of Earth Science Data.
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Reality versus imagination.
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