Qingjun Zhang

According to our database1, Qingjun Zhang authored at least 48 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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Polarimetric Calibration Scheme Combining Internal and External Calibrations, and Experiment for Gaofen-3.
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Speckle Reduction by Directional Coherent Anisotropic Diffusion.
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Polarimetric Calibration of the GaoFen-3 Mission Using Active Radar Calibrators and the Applicable Conditions of System Model for Radar Polarimeters.
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Performance enhancement of pressure-swing distillation process by the combined use of vapor recompression and thermal integration.
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Baseline Estimation Using DEM Prior Knowledge and Capability Analysis for Gaofen-3 Repeat-Pass SAR Interferometry.
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Hadoop + Spark Platform Based on Big Data System Design of Agricultural Product Price Analysis and Prediction by HoltWinters.
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CSMA-TGT: Carrier-Sense Multiple Access with Transmission Guiding Tracks.
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Speckle Filtering of GF-3 Polarimetric SAR Data with Joint Restriction Principle.
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A Novel Ship Detection Method Based on Gradient and Integral Feature for Single-Polarization Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery.
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Development of Wind Speed Retrieval from Cross-Polarization Chinese Gaofen-3 Synthetic Aperture Radar in Typhoons.
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InSAR Baseline Estimation for Gaofen-3 Real-Time DEM Generation.
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Water Detection in Urban Areas from GF-3.
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An Accurate Measurement Method for Azimuth Pointing of Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna Beams Based on Ground Receiver.
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Real-Time Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Float-Point Imaging System Using Optimized Mapping Methodology and a Multi-Node Parallel Accelerating Technique.
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An Improved Adaptive Received Beamforming for Nested Frequency Offset and Nested Array FDA-MIMO Radar.
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Correction of Pushbroom Satellite Imagery Interior Distortions Independent of Ground Control Points.
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Calculating Viewing Angles Pixel by Pixel in Optical Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery Using the Rational Function Model.
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Improving Geometric Performance for Imagery Captured by Non-Cartographic Optical Satellite: A Case Study of GF-1 WFV Imagery.
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The Dependence of Sea SAR Image Distribution Parameters on Surface Wave Characteristics.
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Speckle Suppression by Weighted Euclidean Distance Anisotropic Diffusion.
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A Decision Mixture Model-Based Method for Inshore Ship Detection Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images.
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Geometric Potential Assessment for ZY3-02 Triple Linear Array Imagery.
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Multispectral LiDAR Point Cloud Classification: A Two-Step Approach.
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