Qiang Lin

According to our database1, Qiang Lin authored at least 43 papers between 1994 and 2019.

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Structured sparse multi-view feature selection based on weighted hinge loss.
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Weighted feature selection via discriminative sparse multi-view learning.
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A sharing multi-view feature selection method via Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers.
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Robust semi-supervised extreme learning machine.
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REDO: RNA Editing Detection in Plant Organelles Based on Variant Calling Results.
Journal of Computational Biology, 2018

A Novel Text Line Segmentation Method Based on Contour Curve Tracking for Tibetan Historical Documents.
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RGAAT: A Reference-based Genome Assembly and Annotation Tool for New Genomes and Upgrade of Known Genomes.
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Retailer credit guarantee in a supply chain with capital constraint under push & pull contract.
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Supply chain coordination in Confirming Warehouse Financing.
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The aLS-SVM based multi-task learning classifiers.
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GPS Trajectories Based Personalized Safe Geofence for Elders with Dementia.
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Optimal lead time policy for short life cycle products under Conditional Value-at-Risk criterion.
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A Multimodal 3D Storytelling System for Chinese Children.
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PIGP: A Pen-Based Intelligent Dynamic Lecture System for Geometry Teaching.
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An Approach to Model Cross-organizational Processes using Object Petri net.
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Medical imaging and telemedicine - from medical data production, to processing, storing, and sharing: A short outlook.
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An omnidirectional M-mode echocardiography system and its clinical application.
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A C-tree decomposition algorithm for 2D and 3D geometric constraint solving.
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MMP/Geometer - A Software Package for Automated Geometric Reasoning.
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