Xiang Lu

According to our database1, Xiang Lu authored at least 86 papers between 2003 and 2022.

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Dual-View Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder for Emotional Dialogue Generation.
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System reliability of a gravity dam-foundation system using Bayesian networks.
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An integrated fuzzy decision support system for analyzing challenges and pathways to promote green and climate smart mining.
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Quantum speedup dynamics process without non-Markovianity.
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On Bayesian Analysis of Parsimonious Gaussian Mixture Models.
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A predictive paradigm for COVID-19 prognosis based on the longitudinal measure of biomarkers.
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Device-free crowd counting with WiFi channel state information and deep neural networks.
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A Host-Based Anomaly Detection Framework Using XGBoost and LSTM for IoT Devices.
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WiFlowCount: Device-Free People Flow Counting by Exploiting Doppler Effect in Commodity WiFi.
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A three-tier redundant architecture for safe and reliable cloud-based CNC over public internet networks.
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Decision aids on breast conserving surgery for early stage breast cancer patients: a systematic review.
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Phone Position Independent Recognition of FineWalking Modes with Phone Sensors.
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A Novel Framework for Improving Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks With Fuzzy Connectedness for Medical Image Segmentation.
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RF-Drone: Multi-Tag System for RF-ID Enables Drone Tracking in GPS-Denied Environments.
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Cyber and physical interactions to combat failure propagation in smart grid: Characterization, analysis and evaluation.
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Ensemble Learning Regression for Estimating Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cemented Paste Backfill.
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Prediction of Ecological Pressure on Resource-Based Cities Based on an RBF Neural Network Optimized by an Improved ABC Algorithm.
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Feature Fusion-Based Multi-Task ConvNet for Simultaneous Optical Performance Monitoring and Bit-Rate/Modulation Format Identification.
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Distribution Characteristics of Fragments Size and Optimization of Blasting Parameters Under Blasting Impact Load in Open-Pit Mine.
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Research on Pricing Mechanism and Security of Digital Currency.
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A Two-Stage Model Based on BERT for Short Fake News Detection.
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Study on Acttive Filter Based on Memristor and Memcapacitor.
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Device-Free Localization Based on CSI Fingerprints and Deep Neural Networks.
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How Can Cyber-Physical Interdependence Affect the Mitigation of Cascading Power Failure?
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ViMediaNet: an emulation system for interactive multimedia based telepresence services.
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Guest editorial: Special issue on algorithms, systems and applications in mobile social networks.
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基于PKI体系的跨域密钥协商协议 (Cross-domain PKI-based Key Agreement Protocol).
计算机科学, 2017

A quantitative design methodology for high-speed interpolation/averaging ADCs.
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Slacks-Based Efficiency Measurements with Undesirable Outputs in Data Envelopment Analysis.
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CSI fingerprinting with SVM regression to achieve device-free passive localization.
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Provoking the Adversary by Dual Detection Techniques: A Game Theoretical Framework.
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On eavesdropping attacks and countermeasures for MU-MIMO systems.
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How they interact? Understanding cyber and physical interactions against fault propagation in smart grid.
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CovertMIMO: A covert uplink transmission scheme for MIMO systems.
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A privacy preserving three-factor authentication protocol for e-Health clouds.
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An optimal query strategy for protecting location privacy in location-based services.
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Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Hidden Access Policy and Testing.
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Efficiency optimisation signature scheme for time-critical multicast data origin authentication.
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A practical, fast, and low-cost kinematic calibration scheme for a deformable manipulator by using Leap Motion.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, 2016

Zero reconciliation secret key extraction in MIMO backscatter wireless systems.
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Reliability demonstration methodology for products with Gamma Process by optimal accelerated degradation testing.
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An efficient two-factor user authentication scheme with unlinkability for wireless sensor networks.
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Cryptanalysis and improvement of two RFID-OT protocols based on quadratic residues.
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A Privacy-Preserving Fuzzy Localization Scheme with CSI Fingerprint.
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Target Domain Adaptation for Face Detection in a Smart Camera Network with Peer-to-Peer Communications.
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Negative-Supervised Cascaded Deep Learning for Traffic Sign Classification.
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Robust Chaotic Map-based Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme with Strong Anonymity for Telecare Medicine Information Systems.
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From high-availability to collapse: quantitative analysis of "Cloud-Droplet-Freezing" attack threats to virtual machine migration in cloud computing.
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Performance of Space Network Time Synchronization Protocol in Proximity Link.
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An Engine for Automatic Code Generation of Security Protocols in Multiple Languages.
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Game Optimization for Time-Critical Multicast Data Origin Authentication: Trade Off between Security and Efficiency.
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iFridge: an intelligent fridge for food management based on RFID technology.
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Electrophoresis-based motion planning and control of a nanowire in fluid suspension.
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An Algorithm for Constructing All Families of Codes of Arbitrary Requirement in an OCDMA System
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Why Ti=4Td for PID Controller Tuning.
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Fault modeling, delay evaluation and path selection for delay test under process variation in nano-scale VLSI circuits.
PhD thesis, 2005

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Simple and optimal output-sensitive construction of contour trees using monotone paths.
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