Yan Zhu

According to our database1, Yan Zhu authored at least 79 papers between 1995 and 2019.

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An ontological framework for the formalization, organization and usage of TCM-Knowledge.
BMC Med. Inf. & Decision Making, 2019

Forward-Looking Behavior in Mobile Data Consumption and Targeted Promotion Design: A Dynamic Structural Model.
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Multi-Helicopter Search and Rescue Route Planning Based on Strategy Optimization Algorithm.
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Auditable zerocoin scheme with user awareness.
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Antenna Scheduling for Multiple User Satellites in Space Data Relay Networks.
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A Sequential Approach to Market State Modeling and Analysis in Online P2P Lending.
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Performance Analysis of Intermittent Satellite Links With Time-Limited Queuing Model.
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Automatic Design and Fabrication of a Custom Ocular Prosthesis Using 3D Volume Difference Reconstruction (VDR).
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Capsules Based Chinese Word Segmentation for Ancient Chinese Medical Books.
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Intrusion Detection Model Based on GA Dimension Reduction and MEA-Elman Neural Network.
Proceedings of the Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing, 2018

A Method for PET-CT Lung Cancer Segmentation based on Improved Random Walk.
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Transcriptomic Analysis of Flower Development in the Bamboo Phyllostachys violascens (Poaceae: Bambusoideae).
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Traffic Modeling and Performance Analysis for Remote Sensing Satellite Networks.
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Extracting Coach Schedule Information from Massive Trajectory Data.
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SPESC: A Specification Language for Smart Contracts.
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Binary Fading Interference Channel With No CSIT.
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Tunable Bandpass Filter Using a Switched Tunable Diplexer Technique.
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Ontology-based systematic representation and analysis of traditional Chinese drugs against rheumatism.
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Modelling for data acquisition, storage and transmission of EOS.
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A Two-Tiered Defence of Techniques to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks.
Proceedings of the Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing, 2017

Outline of the construction and application of a GFO-based TCM diagnoses ontology for syndrome differentiation of psoriasis vulgaris.
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The Snow Disaster Risk Assessment of Township Population-Livestock in Guoluo State of Qinghai Province.
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Cleaning Out Web Spam by Entropy-Based Cascade Outlier Detection.
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Role-Based Signature and Its Security Proof.
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Developing an Economic Estimation System for Vertical Farms.
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Better Computer Go Player with Neural Network and Long-term Prediction.
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An improved method of delineating rectangular management zones using a semivariogram-based technique.
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2016

On the f-chromatic class of a multi-wheel graph.
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Assessment of human health impact from exposure to multiple air pollutants in China based on satellite observations.
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Detection of active attacks based on random orthogonal pilots.
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Exploring the Procrastination of College Students: A Data-Driven Behavioral Perspective.
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Multi-layer text classification with voting for consumer reviews.
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Secrecy Analysis for Massive MIMO Systems with Internal Eavesdroppers.
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What Is New in Our City? A Framework for Event Extraction Using Social Media Posts.
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The Posture Recognition of Pigs Based on Zernike Moments and Support Vector Machines.
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Gender Representation in Cinematic Content: A Multimodal Approach.
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A Provable Data Possession Scheme with Data Hierarchy in Cloud.
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GPU-accelerated parallel Monte Carlo analysis of analog circuits by hierarchical graph-based solver.
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Application of Full-Duplex Wireless Technique into Secure MIMO Communication: Achievable Secrecy Rate based Optimization.
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System Design and Fault Tolerance Analysis of the Distributed Storage System with Solid State Recorder on Spacecraft.
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Temporal Pattern of Communication: Messaging Within a Mobile Social Networking App.
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Criterions for the positive definiteness of real supersymmetric tensors.
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Security analysis for Rayleigh fading channel by artificial noise.
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Visual Cluttering Reduction for Visualizing Large Spatio-temporal Data Sets.
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Network Traffic Prediction based on Particle Swarm BP Neural Network.
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On the Simulation Using the Movement Model of Japanese Radio Calisthenics.
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Integrated Network Service to Enhance Multicast Communication.
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Incremental symbolic construction for topological modeling of analog circuits.
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Tackling Polytype Queries in Inconsistent Databases: Theory and Algorithm.
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Percentage Aggregation Functions by Extending SQL.
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An improved dimensionality reduction method for meta-transcriptome indexing based diseases classification.
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Symbolic time-varying root-locus analysis for oscillator design.
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Characterization of gas-liquid two-phase flow pattern based on complexity measures analysis.
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Harmonic and Inter-harmonic Signal Analysis Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform.
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Research of Improving the Accuracy of License Plate Character Segmentation.
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Decision support for proposal grouping: A hybrid approach using knowledge rule and genetic algorithm.
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Strategy and Risk Analysis of the ERP Projects in Three Chinese Cigarette Enterprises.
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