Quanquan C. Liu

  • Northwestern University, USA
  • MIT CSAIL, Cambridge, MA, USA (former)

According to our database1, Quanquan C. Liu authored at least 33 papers between 2015 and 2023.

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A note on improved results for one round distributed clique listing.
Inf. Process. Lett., March, 2023

The Predicted-Deletion Dynamic Model: Taking Advantage of ML Predictions, for Free.
CoRR, 2023

Triangle Counting with Local Edge Differential Privacy.
Proceedings of the 50th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming, 2023

An Algorithmic Approach to Address Course Enrollment Challenges.
Proceedings of the 4th Symposium on Foundations of Responsible Computing, 2023

Scalable Auction Algorithms for Bipartite Maximum Matching Problems.
Proceedings of the Approximation, 2023

Fully Dynamic (Δ +1)-Coloring in <i>O</i>(1) Update Time.
ACM Trans. Algorithms, 2022

Scheduling with Communication Delay in Near-Linear Time.
Proceedings of the 39th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, 2022

Parallel Batch-Dynamic Algorithms for k-Core Decomposition and Related Graph Problems.
Proceedings of the SPAA '22: 34th ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures, Philadelphia, PA, USA, July 11, 2022

Near-Optimal Distributed Implementations of Dynamic Algorithms for Symmetry Breaking Problems.
Proceedings of the 13th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference, 2022

Differential Privacy from Locally Adjustable Graph Algorithms: k-Core Decomposition, Low Out-Degree Ordering, and Densest Subgraphs.
Proceedings of the 63rd IEEE Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 2022

Massively Parallel Algorithms for Small Subgraph Counting.
Proceedings of the Approximation, 2022

Scalable and Efficient Graph Algorithms and Analysis Techniques for Modern Machines.
PhD thesis, 2021

Parallel Batch-Dynamic k-Core Decomposition.
CoRR, 2021

The Power of Random Symmetry-Breaking in Nakamoto Consensus.
Proceedings of the 35th International Symposium on Distributed Computing, 2021

Tatamibari Is NP-Complete.
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Fun with Algorithms, 2021

Parallel Batch-Dynamic <i>k</i>-Clique Counting.
Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Algorithmic Principles of Computer Systems, 2021

Dynamic Distributed MIS with Improved Bounds.
CoRR, 2020

A Lower Bound for Byzantine Agreement and Consensus for Adaptive Adversaries using VDFs.
CoRR, 2020

Parallel Batch-Dynamic k-Clique Counting.
CoRR, 2020

Parallel Algorithms for Small Subgraph Counting.
CoRR, 2020

Closing the Gap Between Cache-oblivious and Cache-adaptive Analysis.
Proceedings of the SPAA '20: 32nd ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures, 2020

Fully Dynamic (Δ+1)-Coloring in Constant Update Time.
CoRR, 2019

Structural Rounding: Approximation Algorithms for Graphs Near an Algorithmically Tractable Class.
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Static-Memory-Hard Functions and Nonlinear Space-Time Tradeoffs via Pebbling.
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Static-Memory-Hard Functions, and Modeling the Cost of Space vs. Time.
Proceedings of the Theory of Cryptography - 16th International Conference, 2018

Cache-Adaptive Exploration: Experimental Results and Scan-Hiding for Adaptivity.
Proceedings of the 30th on Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures, 2018

Red-Blue Pebble Game: Complexity of Computing the Trade-Off between Cache Size and Memory Transfers.
Proceedings of the 30th on Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures, 2018

Fine-grained I/O Complexity via Reductions: New Lower Bounds, Faster Algorithms, and a Time Hierarchy.
Proceedings of the 9th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference, 2018

Arboral satisfaction: Recognition and LP approximation.
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Inapproximability of the Standard Pebble Game and Hard to Pebble Graphs.
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Upward Partitioned Book Embeddings.
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Polylogarithmic Fully Retroactive Priority Queues via Hierarchical Checkpointing.
Proceedings of the Algorithms and Data Structures - 14th International Symposium, 2015

Kibitz: End-to-End Recommendation System Builder.
Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, 2015