Robert Weismantel

According to our database1, Robert Weismantel authored at least 123 papers between 1992 and 2020.

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Proximity Results and Faster Algorithms for Integer Programming Using the Steinitz Lemma.
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Subset Selection in Sparse Matrices.
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An algorithmic framework for network reconstruction.
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Integrating Signals from the T-Cell Receptor and the Interleukin-2 Receptor.
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A probabilistic comparison of the strength of split, triangle, and quadrilateral cuts.
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<i>N</i>-fold integer programming and nonlinear multi-transshipment.
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The combinatorics of modeling and analyzing biological systems.
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Petri nets as a framework for the reconstruction and analysis of signal transduction pathways and regulatory networks.
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A polynomial oracle-time algorithm for convex integer minimization.
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Zero-Coefficient Cuts.
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Nonlinear Integer Programming.
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On an Analysis of the Strength of Mixed-Integer Cutting Planes from Multiple Simplex Tableau Rows.
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Approximate Nonlinear Optimization over Weighted Independence Systems.
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Linear Satisfiability Algorithm for 3CNF Formulas of Certain Signaling Networks.
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Multicommodity Flow in Polynomial Time.
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Throughput-Optimal Sequences for Cyclically Operated Plants.
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A Logical Model Provides Insights into T Cell Receptor Signaling.
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A method to evaluate the feasibility of TMB chromatography for reduced efficiency and purity requirements based on discrete optimization.
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Plazieren von Zellen: Theorie und Lösung eines quadratischen 0/1-Optimierungsproblems.
PhD thesis, 1992