Sang-Bing Tsai

According to our database1, Sang-Bing Tsai authored at least 33 papers between 2014 and 2021.

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Simulation of Sports Venue Based on Ant Colony Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence.
Wirel. Commun. Mob. Comput., 2021

A Study on the Application of Interactive English-Teaching Mode under Complex Data Analysis.
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User Value Identification Based on Improved RFM Model and K -Means++ Algorithm for Complex Data Analysis.
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An Empirical Study on Optimal the Allocations in Advertising and Operation Innovation on Supply Chain Alliance for Complex Data Analysis.
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Markdown Time for Perishables Based on Dynamic Quality Evaluation for Complex Data Analysis.
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Cloud Education Chain and Education Quality Evaluation Based on Hybrid Quantum Neural Network Algorithm.
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Intelligent Recognition and Teaching of English Fuzzy Texts Based on Fuzzy Computing and Big Data.
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Online Data Migration Model and ID3 Algorithm in Sports Competition Action Data Mining Application.
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Trust-Aware Service Offloading for Video Surveillance in Edge Computing Enabled Internet of Vehicles.
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A model integrating environmental concerns and supply risks for dynamic sustainable supplier selection and order allocation.
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Shareholding operation of product remanufacturing - from a sustainable production perspective.
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Application of Adaptive Virtual Reality with AI-Enabled Techniques in Modern Sports Training.
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Time-sensitive markdown strategies for perishable products based on dynamic quality evaluation.
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Organisational leadership style, network structure, and knowledge performance in online knowledge community organisations.
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Technological boundary-spanning search, crowdfunding interaction and crowdfunding innovation performance: a mediated moderation model of knowledge sharing.
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An Empirical Study on Sales Performance Effect and Pricing Strategy for E-Commerce: From the Perspective of Mobile Information.
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An Empirical Study on Response to Online Customer Reviews and E-Commerce Sales: From the Mobile Information System Perspective.
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Governance role of media information's uncertainty in IPO market-oriented pricing.
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Assessment on health care service quality and patients' satisfaction in Ghana.
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Benchmarking, knowledge inertia, and knowledge performance in different network structures.
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An Empirical Study on the Network Model and the Online Knowledge Production Structure.
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Entrepreneurial Team Learning, Forgetting and Knowledge Levels in Business Incubators: An Exploration and Exploitation Perspective.
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Uncertainty measure based on Tsallis entropy in evidence theory.
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A Research on Effect of Response to Internet Financing Reputation Evaluation on Achievement - From the Perspective of Social Network Theory.
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An Innovative Model to Choose E-Commerce Suppliers.
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A GRA-Based Method for Evaluating Medical Service Quality.
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Prediction of Ecological Pressure on Resource-Based Cities Based on an RBF Neural Network Optimized by an Improved ABC Algorithm.
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Using DEMATEL-Based ANP Model to Measure the Successful Factors of E-Commerce.
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Pricing competition on innovative product between innovator and entrant imitator facing strategic customers.
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