Teng Zhou

According to our database1, Teng Zhou authored at least 23 papers between 2016 and 2021.

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A hybrid intelligent model for acute hypotensive episode prediction with large-scale data.
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A temporal-aware LSTM enhanced by loss-switch mechanism for traffic flow forecasting.
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A Noise-Immune Boosting Framework for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting.
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Deep Learning Anti-Fraud Model for Internet Loan: Where We Are Going.
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Relationship Between Health Status and Physical Fitness of College Students From South China: An Empirical Study by Data Mining Approach.
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Low-Light Image Enhancement via Pair of Complementary Gamma Functions by Fusion.
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Color Correction Based on CFA and Enhancement Based on Retinex With Dense Pixels for Underwater Images.
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An Audio Data Representation for Traffic Acoustic Scene Recognition.
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A Sample-Rebalanced Outlier-Rejected k-Nearest Neighbor Regression Model for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting.
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