Songhua Xu

According to our database1, Songhua Xu authored at least 73 papers between 2001 and 2018.

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Learning to sketch human facial portraits using personal styles by case-based reasoning.
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A new method for retrieving batik shape patterns.
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An advanced operating environment for mathematics education resources.
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Intelligent bus routing with heterogeneous human mobility patterns.
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A local context-aware LDA model for topic modeling in a document network.
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A Novel System for Visual Navigation of Educational Videos Using Multimodal Cues.
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A novel web informatics approach for automated surveillance of cancer mortality trends.
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A new visual navigation system for exploring biomedical Open Educational Resource (OER) videos.
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The utility of web mining for epidemiological research: studying the association between parity and cancer risk.
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Detecting Rumors Through Modeling Information Propagation Networks in a Social Media Environment.
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Selecting the Right Correlation Measure for Binary Data.
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A new algorithm for product image search based on salient edge characterization.
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A user-oriented web crawler for selectively acquiring online content in e-health research.
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3D modeling with three-view drawings.
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Exploiting Heterogeneous Human Mobility Patterns for Intelligent Bus Routing.
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Extracting Patient Demographics and Personal Medical Information from Online Health Forums.
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Example-Based Automatic Music-Driven Conventional Dance Motion Synthesis.
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Computationally Evaluating and Reproducing the Beauty of Chinese Calligraphy.
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A novel local learning based approach with application to breast cancer diagnosis.
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A semantic relatedness approach for traceability link recovery.
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Kernel based principal component for recognizing handwritten numbers.
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A Force Field Driven SOM for boundary detection.
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Keyword Extraction and Headline Generation Using Novel Word Features.
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Light source estimation of outdoor scenes for mixed reality.
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Automatic Generationof Chinese Calligraphic Writings with Style Imitation.
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A Visualization Based Approach for Digital Signature Authentication.
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A new visual search interface for web browsing.
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User-oriented document summarization through vision-based eye-tracking.
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Automatic Facsimile of Chinese Calligraphic Writings.
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Introducing Affect into Competitive Game Play.
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A Neural Network-Based Approach to Modeling the Allocation of Behaviors in Concurrent Schedule, Variable Interval Learning.
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