Timo Kasper

According to our database1, Timo Kasper authored at least 28 papers between 2007 and 2016.

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Lock It and Still Lose It - on the (In)Security of Automotive Remote Keyless Entry Systems.
Proceedings of the 25th USENIX Security Symposium, 2016

Sweet Dreams and Nightmares: Security in the Internet of Things.
Proceedings of the Information Security Theory and Practice. Securing the Internet of Things, 2014

Security analysis of pervasive wireless devices
PhD thesis, 2013

Wireless Devices and Cryptography: About Digital Pickpocketing, Open Sesame and Tracking Paranoia.
it Inf. Technol., 2013

Fuming Acid and Cryptanalysis: Handy Tools for Overcoming a Digital Locking and Access Control System - Full Version.
IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch., 2013

When Reverse-Engineering Meets Side-Channel Analysis - Digital Lockpicking in Practice.
Proceedings of the Selected Areas in Cryptography - SAC 2013, 2013

Rights Management with NFC Smartphones and Electronic ID Cards: A Proof of Concept for Modern Car Sharing.
Proceedings of the Radio Frequency Identification, 2013

Fuming Acid and Cryptanalysis: Handy Tools for Overcoming a Digital Locking and Access Control System.
Proceedings of the Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2013, 2013

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On the Vulnerability of FPGA Bitstream Encryption against Power Analysis Attacks - Extracting Keys from Xilinx Virtex-II FPGAs.
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Seitenkanalanalyse kontaktloser SmartCards.
Datenschutz und Datensicherheit, 2011

Praktische Angriffe auf die Bitstromverschlüsselung von Xilinx FPGAs.
Datenschutz und Datensicherheit, 2011

Wireless security threats: Eavesdropping and detecting of active RFIDs and remote controls in the wild.
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Combined Implementation Attack Resistant Exponentiation.
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Chameleon: A Versatile Emulator for Contactless Smartcards.
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All You Can Eat or Breaking a Real-World Contactless Payment System.
Proceedings of the Financial Cryptography and Data Security, 14th International Conference, 2010

EM Side-Channel Attacks on Commercial Contactless Smartcards Using Low-Cost Equipment.
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Sicherheit moderner Funktüröffnersysteme.
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On the Power of Power Analysis in the Real World: A Complete Break of the KeeLoqCode Hopping Scheme.
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An Embedded System for Practical Security Analysis of Contactless Smartcards.
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E-Passport: Cracking Basic Access Control Keys.
Proceedings of the On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2007: CoopIS, 2007

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