Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni

According to our database1, Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni authored at least 61 papers between 1985 and 2019.

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On first-come, first-served queues with two classes of impatient customers.
Queueing Syst., 2019

Automated Teller Machine Replenishment Policies with Submodular Costs.
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Optimal routeing in two-queue polling systems.
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Two-day appointment scheduling with patient preferences and geometric arrivals.
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Optimal control of a single server in a finite-population queueing network.
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Optimal routing in two-queue polling systems.
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The shorter queue polling model.
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A Tandem Queueing model for an appointment-based service system.
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Optimal arrival rate and service rate control of multi-server queues.
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Celebrating the 90th Birthday of Prof. Uma Prabhu.
Queueing Syst., 2014

Simulation of labor: a study of the relationship between cesarean section rates and the time spent in labor.
Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference, 2014

Optimal Control of a Server Farm.
INFOR, 2013

Concierge medicine: Adoption, design, and management.
Proceedings of the Winter Simulations Conference: Simulation Making Decisions in a Complex World, 2013

Production-inventory systems in stochastic environment and stochastic lead times.
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Appointment Scheduling Under Patient No-Shows and Service Interruptions.
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Dynamic Scheduling of Outpatient Appointments Under Patient No-Shows and Cancellations.
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Index Policies for Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks.
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Busy period analysis for M / PH /1 queues with workload dependent balking.
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Output analysis of multiclass fluid models with static priorities.
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Managing the Inventory of an Item with a Replacement Warranty.
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A fluid model with upward jumps at the boundary.
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Explicit solutions for the steady state distributions in M/PH/1 queues with workload dependent balking.
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Single-Server Queue with Markov-Dependent Inter-Arrival and Service Times.
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Markov decision processes under observability constraints.
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Optimal EOQ for Announced Price Increases in Infinite Horizon.
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Mean first passage times in fluid queues.
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A nonrenewable minimal-repair warranty policy with time-dependent costs.
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Blocking analysis of transaction processing queues.
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Discrete Probability.
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Effective Bandwidths for Markov Regenerative Sources.
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Introduction to Technical Articles.
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Comparison of Stability and Queueing Times for Reader-Writer Queues.
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Stability and queueing time analysis of a reader-writer queue with alternating exhaustive priorities.
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Effective Bandwith Vectors for Multiclass Traffic Multiplexed in a Partitioned Buffer.
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Effective Bandwidth Vector for Two-Priority ATM Traffic.
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Transient Analysis of Deterministic and Stochastic Petri Nets.
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Retrial Queues with Server Subject to Breakdowns and Repairs.
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Generating Random Combinatorial Objects.
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Minimum Cost Routing on Stochastic Networks.
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Exact cuts in networks.
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A New Class of Multivariate Phase Type Distributions.
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On modelling the performance and reliability of multimode computer systems.
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Technical Note - An Improved Implementation of Conditional Monte Carlo Estimation of Path Lengths in Stochastic Networks.
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