Nan Liu

According to our database1, Nan Liu authored at least 78 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Digital twin-driven system for roller conveyor line: design and control.
J. Ambient Intell. Humaniz. Comput., 2020

The Capacity of Symmetric Private Information Retrieval under Arbitrary Collusion and Eavesdropping Patterns.
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A Blockchain-based Decentralized Federated Learning Framework with Committee Consensus.
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Soliton and breather solutions for a fifth-order modified KdV equation with a nonzero background.
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An integrable lattice hierarchy associated with a 4 × 4 matrix spectral problem: <i>N</i>-fold Darboux transformation and dynamical properties.
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Research on Classification and Detection System of Common Household Tools for Home Service Robot.
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Application Analysis of Big Data Technology in Feeding Industry.
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Research on the Influence of Emotional Valence and Road Environment Monotony on Driving Behavior.
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Time-Sync Video Tag Extraction Using Semantic Association Graph.
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The ordering of making microcredit loans to farmers based on the IFGIBMs.
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Determination of effective synaptic conductances using somatic voltage clamp.
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Securing Traffic-Related Messages Exchange Against Inside-and-Outside Collusive Attack in Vehicular Networks.
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Measurement method of carbon dioxide using spatial decomposed parallel computing.
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A Survey on Users' Perspectives to Functionalities of Web-Based Construction Collaboration Extranets.
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Time-sync Video Tag Extraction Using Semantic Association Graph.
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A Method for Estimating Leaf Area Index From Landsat Data Based On Dart Model And Gaussian Process.
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FASPell: A Fast, Adaptable, Simple, Powerful Chinese Spell Checker Based On DAE-Decoder Paradigm.
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PSPICE Hybrid Modeling and Simulation of Capacitive Micro-Gyroscopes.
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When Waiting to See a Doctor Is Less Irritating: Understanding Patient Preferences and Choice Behavior in Appointment Scheduling.
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Enabling the hypothesis-driven prioritization of ligand candidates in big databases: Screenlamp and its application to GPCR inhibitor discovery for invasive species control.
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From oil wealth to green growth - An empirical agent-based model of recession, migration and sustainable urban transition.
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Learning without prejudice: Avoiding bias in webly-supervised action recognition.
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Time second-order finite difference/finite element algorithm for nonlinear time-fractional diffusion problem with fourth-order derivative term.
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Optical rogue waves for the coherently coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equation with alternate signs of nonlinearities.
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RFPIQM: Ridge-Based Forensic Palmprint Image Quality Measurement.
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Erratum to: Research on closed loop supply chain with reference price effect.
J. Intell. Manuf., 2017

Research on closed loop supply chain with reference price effect.
J. Intell. Manuf., 2017

Face recognition via weighted sparse representation using metric learning.
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Leveraging on Predictive Analytics to Manage Clinic No Show and Improve Accessibility of Care.
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Learning a convolutional neural network for sleep stage classification.
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The Design and Characterization of a Flexible Tactile Sensing Array for Robot Skin.
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High-Frequency Fiber-Optic Ultrasonic Sensor Using Air Micro-Bubble for Imaging of Seismic Physical Models.
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Determining the optimal decision time of relief allocation in response to disaster via relief demand updates.
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Intelligent Recognition of Traffic Video Based on Mixture LDA Model.
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A Polynomial Time Solution for Permutation Scaffold Filling.
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CholMine: Determinants and Prediction of Cholesterol and Cholate Binding Across Nonhomologous Protein Structures.
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An achievability scheme for downlink multicell processing with finite backhaul capacity: The general case.
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Cascade object detection with complementary features and algorithms.
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User association for minimum energy consumption with macro-relay interference.
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Suitability of Real-Time Image under Complicated Environment Based on Contourlet in SMN.
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Deep Self-Organizing Map for visual classification.
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Static-Based Test Case Dynamic Generation for SQLIVs Detection.
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Model of Human Visual Cortex Inspired Computational Models for Visual Recognition.
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Research on equity-based crowdfunding based on corporate finance theory.
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Bilinearity in Spatiotemporal Integration of Synaptic Inputs.
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Appointment Scheduling Under Patient Preference and No-Show Behavior.
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Coordinating efficiency and equity in disaster relief logistics via information updates.
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Multiresource Allocation Scheduling in Dynamic Environments.
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Robust Zero-Watermarking Algorithm for CAD Models.
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Appointment reminder systems and patient preferences: Patient technology usage and familiarity with other service providers as predictive variables.
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Risk evaluation approaches in failure mode and effects analysis: A literature review.
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Pricing games of mixed conventional and e-commerce distribution channels.
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The Algorithm for the Two-Sided Scaffold Filling Problem.
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A novel water-drop power generation system based on ICPF actuator.
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The Effect of an Electronic "Hard-stop" Alert on HIV Testing Rates in the Emergency Department.
Proceedings of the MEDINFO 2013, 2013

A study of designing a universal inductive charger for Electric Vehicles.
Proceedings of the IECON 2013, 2013

An Approximation Scheme for RNA Folding Structure Prediction Including Pseudoknots.
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Multivariable PID parameters tuning method based on model matching on frequency domain for aero-engine.
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Risk evaluation in failure mode and effects analysis with extended VIKOR method under fuzzy environment.
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A GIS supported Ant algorithm for the linear feature covering problem with distance constraints.
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The study of obtaining temperature van of SST image.
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